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TIPS for Packaging

The order-to-cash solution for both paper mills and corrugating plants

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TIPS for Packaging

TIPS for Packaging is Tietoevry’s proposal to the global packaging market, it is a single-source, integrated order-to-cash solution for
• packaging paper mills
• converting plants: corrugating box, sheet feeders, display

Tietoevry ‘speaks’ paper and packaging. We are the world’s largest IT company, with 400+ people, dedicated to this industry. Our track record in the industry goes back 50+ years. Unlike many of our competitors, you will not have to explain the nuances of corrugator scheduling, or the implications of a coating process.

Constantine Goulimis

Director BD Packaging | Pulp, Paper & Fibre Tietoevry Industry

Please take a moment to learn more about the solution.

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Why Tietoevry?

  • Understanding: We understand the industry – no need to explain to us core sizes, or the implications of a basis weight change on paper machine.
  • Breadth: Our solution covers the entire order-to-cash process and can be implemented as a coherent whole or in parts.
  • Global reach: We have offices in all regions, covering the needs of our clients across the world.
  • Commitment: We take a long-term approach, partnering with our clients, sharing risk and reward.
  • Efficiency: We use optimisation and machine learning in our products to enable better decisions leading to more profitable outcomes.
  • Resources: There is a world-wide competition for IT resources.

Why TIPS for Packaging?

It is the only proven, state-of-the-art, integrated solution covering both paper mills and converting plants.

Solution architecture

Would you like to learn more of the TIPS for Packaging solution architecture? Please contact us to request the 30-page white paper.

An interesting article by Constantine Goulimis in the International  Paper Board Magazine 

Constantine Goulimis has been involved with the paper industry since 1982, writing one of the first algorithms for trim optimisation, which formed the basis of his Ph.D. from Imperial College.

Goulimis has recently joined Tietoevry and he was previously working at Greycon as the founder and CEO. 

He has extensive experience in projects with some of the smallest and some of the largest companies in the packaging sector, in more than 40 countries and has seen both successes and some embarrassing failures.

Click on the link to read the article. 


The key TIPS Industry Solutions and Services modules



1. TIPS Price Calculator for preparing quotes & estimates

2. TIPS Sales for order entry & logistics

3. TIPS Plan for planning & scheduling, including corrugator trim optimisation

4. TIPS MES for production tracking, label production & quality management

5. TIPS OMS (Operations Management System) for collaborative operations

6. TIPS Materials for raw material inventory & replenishment



Many hundreds of paper machines are being trimmed with our TIPS Trim solution.
What is perhaps less well known is that TIPS Trim is equally at home with corrugators, handling both double- and triple-knife scenarios.

Double-knife corrugator trim sheet

Karolina Grudzinska focuses on the features of TIPS for Packaging

The solution enhances the sustainability, cost efficiency, and scalability of your entire packaging value chain.

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Complementary consulting services

PM width selection

If you are contemplating a new primary machine, or a new corrugator, talk to us about its width.

Reel stock analysis

Many packaging companies need to keep paper inventory at their secondary (corrugating, converting,…) plants. This inventory is typically in reel format, usually in multiple different widths for each grade/basis weight in order to minimise trim losses at the secondary operation.


More information

To look further:

Contact Constantine Goulimis or Stefan Kurz to discuss your needs. 

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