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Data integration and API management

Create a business ecosystem that connects internal and external partners. We help you react to market needs, increase transformation velocity, and leverage the value of data flows.

Data integration and API management

Being able to react to market needs and create new business opportunities is the key to success. We help you transform your data integration strategy and architecture to better adapt to business needs.

With our data integration and API management services, you get smooth data flows with your suppliers, customers, regulatory authorities, and other partners. Your business will run like clockwork.

Get ready to become a business ecosystem leader and accelerate your growth. Whether it’s on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, we can help you all the way.
Rakesh Singh

Head of API and Integrations, Tietoevry Tech Services

Key benefits

To achieve business agility, you must be able to integrate your data. Data integration will also bring new business models and opportunities to monetize data.

Data-driven business

To achieve business agility, you must be able to integrate your data. Data integration will also bring new business models and opportunities to monetize data.

Become better equipped to seamlessly adapt to changes.

Better agility

Become better equipped to seamlessly adapt to changes.

Digitizing key business interactions brings you cost savings. An improved cash flow overview means you can manage your working capital more smartly.

Save money

Digitizing key business interactions brings you cost savings. An improved cash flow overview means you can manage your working capital more smartly.

Key capabilities

API and data integration advisory services

Regardless of whether you are new to the data integration and API management world or a seasoned veteran, we can take you to the next level. Let’s get your API business model started! Our experts support you in landscape assessment, creating integration strategy and architecture. They also facilitate your API vision, design, implementation, and operation.

API lifecycle management

Our full-stack data integration and API management services cover all integrations and API needs. They ensure business-driven, agile, and systematic design, development, and support – from API ideation until API decommission. We also help you obtain the maximum leverage from APIs, build API management services, supporting you to productized APIs.

Integration platform as a service

Seamless API management and integration is increasingly critical in today’s networked economy. Therefore, we’ve jointly developed a modern API-driven integration platform with WSO2. It’s topped with our full-stack integration services, which reduce integration costs and increase agility. This creates a foundation for efficient integration operations and helps you monetize your ecosystem.

Leveraging the strengths of leading integration platforms

Boomi’s iPaaS platform is unified, cloud-native, open, and intelligent. With it, we can offer agile, flexible, scaling, high availability, and low code integration.

The Boomi platform seamlessly connects applications, data and people across business and partner ecosystems.

Check out our joint blog. In it, Tietoevry and Boomi experts explain how integration has developed from a technical question to a business requirement to meet the future needs of ERP.

With Microsoft Azure integrations, we can build new integrated solutions that connect applications and services on-premises and in the cloud.

Azure API integrations bring business workflows together so that they’re consistent and scalable. Azure API management exposes APIs for developers and creates opportunities for new business models.

With MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform™, we can unlock and integrate data from any system and rapidly deliver vital solutions.

MuleSoft provides companies with exceptional business agility. It connects applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud using an API-led approach.

Together with IBM’s integration solutions, we can help modernize your integration approach — rethinking people, processes, technology, and architecture.

We empower organizations to support the volume of integration needed to digitally transform by leveraging IBM’s agile integration and cloud-native solution.

Jointly with WSO2 we help organizations overcome integration challenges and speed up their digital transformation via API Manager Platform as a Service (PaaS). We provide our WSO2 API Manager PaaS on-premises, in private and public clouds, and across container platforms.

Our API Manager PaaS is based on the WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and WSO2 Identity Server. It offers a fully distributed and managed API-driven integration platform regardless of where the platform components reside. This improves integration agility and speed through API-driven integrations. It also reduces costs for integrations and creates a foundation to better monetize your API economy.

Oracle Fusion Middleware is Oracle’s digital business platform for the enterprise. It enables businesses to efficiently create and run agile, intelligent applications in client-server, web, and cloud environments. Oracle’s strategy for Fusion Middleware is to continue to modernize the platform while providing bridging technologies to cloud-native application development and deployment.

Our Oracle Fusion middleware solution provides cloud-based integration solutions to many of our customers.

Our solution based on Confluent Kafka provides our customers with real-time data access.

By integrating historical and real-time data into a single, central source of truth, Confluent Kafka makes it easy to build an entirely new category of modern, event-driven applications, gain a universal data pipeline, and unlock powerful new use cases with full scalability, performance, and reliability.

Confluent Platform lets you focus on how to derive business value from your data rather than worrying about the underlying mechanics, such as how data is being transported or integrated between disparate systems. Specifically, Confluent Platform simplifies connecting data sources to Kafka, building streaming applications, as well as securing, monitoring, and managing your Kafka infrastructure.

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