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Stakeholder engagement

Through continuous collaboration and open dialogue with our key stakeholders, we understand what is expected from us but are also able to innovate and develop sustainable solutions for the future.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is based on both structured and occasional dialogue and interactions. We engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, customers, business partners, authorities, governments and wider society. Our aim is to meet our stakeholders’ sustainability requirements and needs, both in our dailybusiness and our strategy for the longer term.

We conduct regular surveys with customers and employees, and we also gather important information through the various escalation channels. Internal social platform is an important channel for employee dialogue for us. It enables us to understand the needs and concerns of our employees. We also engage with external stakeholders in social media by actively monitoring discussions and responding to their questions. We have both formal and informal conversations with suppliers, business partners, customers,  investors and authorities as part of our daily operations.

Our stakeholder relations are managed throughout the organization, except for Investor Relations, which is centralized within the Finance function.


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