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The Swedish National Courts Administration went from 86 intranets to 1

Reaching Findability at the Swedish Courts. Learn how Findwise developed a new Intranet for the Swedish National Courts Administration, covering all the 86 courts

Joakim Wikland

Senior Business Developer, Findwise, Tietoevry Create


There are three kinds of courts in Sweden: the general courts, which comprise district courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court; the general administrative courts, that is to say, administrative courts, administrative courts of appeal and the Supreme Administrative Court; and also the courts, which determine disputes within special areas, for example, the Labour Court and the Market Court.

The Swedish National Courts Administration is a state authority reporting to the Government and functions as a service organization for the Swedish courts.

The function of the Swedish National Courts Administration is to be responsible for overall coordination and common issues within the Swedish Judiciary. This may involve issues concerning personnel development, education and information, preparation of regulations, advice and instructions and responsibility for the operation being conducted in an efficient and easily accessible way for the citizens.

Historically all the different courts (86) had an Intranet each, all displaying much of the same information (from the Courts Administration). This means that some of the documents had 86 copies. The administration of the 86 Intranets could in other words take up to 86 times more than necessary.


Using the Findability Approach, work method, Findwise, part of Tietoevry Create, could secure a quality delivery of search driven functionality to a new Intranet for the Swedish National Courts Administration, covering all the 86 courts. The method is made of five dimensions of Findability; business, user, information, technology and governance. Approaching projects in this way Findwise offered a holistic solution:

Business: A strategic insight, a review and report targeting the organization and its needs.
User: This dimension considers the users of the Intranet and targets their needs and work flows.
Information: Even though we can work with unstructured information, we strongly recommend organizations to work with information management. Doing so, you increase data quality and the overall result of the project.
Technology: The implementation of a platform and integration with data sources, using the unique Findwise developer’s competence and the Findwise components.
Governance: It is in our interest to secure a long-lasting quality. This is why this last dimension is crucial. We offer education, frameworks for governance and regular technical administration.

For the Court Administration this meant a strategic needs analysis that showed some differences between the actual need and what was initially planned. The report also helped to target the user’s needs and set a very good ground for the UX-work, which our designers guided. In addition, the information management process resulted in a data life cycle decision which guarantees more relevant information. Also, our consultants developed a structure especially designed for the courts’ needs. The documentation of user experience, information management and organizational need where all educated to the staff. All of this, together with a strong technical implementation the whole scope of the project for The Swedish National Courts Administration.


For the courts and their administrations this all lead to one (1) intranet for all the 86 courts. The intranet is comprised of local and common information orchestrated by levels ranging from personal, geographic boundary roles and interest.

For the administrators this means less work, less duplication of work, easier handling of information and a clear structure.

For the user this means always updated information, better information and search quality and less sites to navigate.

Overall the Intranet is now an information source for everything from FAQ to documentation from SharePoint.

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