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Tietoevry Banking renews strategic partnership with Geldmaat for ATM Software-as-a-Service

13 May 2024

Tietoevry Banking is pleased to announce the renewal of its strategic partnership with Geldmaat. Following years of successful collaboration, Geldmaat has reaffirmed their commitment to Tietoevry Banking and extended the partnership for an additional five years for use of ATM SaaS solutions.

Tietoevry Banking has been Geldmaat’s partner since 2019, delivering a well-established ATM SaaS service that aligns with Geldmaat's strategic objectives. The service is currently serving approximately 4250 ATMs and cash recyclers in the Dutch market. This renewal signifies trust, mutual understanding, and shared success between the two organizations.

"Over the years, Tietoevry Banking have consistently delivered value through their solutions and expertise. Their commitment to understanding our needs and delivering tailored solutions has been instrumental to our growth and success," said Peggy Corstens, CEO of Geldmaat.

Geldmaat’s business evolves around making sure their ATMs are accessible, available, affordable, and safe. By renewing this strategic partnership, Geldmaat and Tietoevry Banking will further enhance their joint efforts in effectively managing the cash chain in the Netherlands.

From left: Richard Hofstede, COO Geldmaat; Peggy Corstens, CEO Geldmaat; Klaus Andersen, CEO Tietoevry Banking; Kjetil Bratbergsengen, Head of ATM Services, Tietoevry Banking.


“The renewal of our partnership with Geldmaat underscores our longstanding collaboration and reflects Tietoevry Banking's commitment to expanding our international footprint and advancing our SaaS solutions. Our continued collaboration will drive innovation in ATM services for Geldmaat and their large customer base, demonstrating our capability and dedication to delivering best of breed solutions across markets on a global level,” said Klaus Andersen, CEO Tietoevry Banking.

"We are thrilled to have our strategic partnership extended with Geldmaat. This renewal is a testament to the robust partnership that we have cultivated over the years. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and value to Geldmaat. We consider it a privilege to be their trusted partner and are excited to continue collaborating on new initiatives and continuous improvements," says Kjetil Bratbergsengen, Head of ATM in Tietoevry Banking.

Tietoevry Banking is the market leader for ATMs in the Nordics and Netherlands. Today more than 60 customers in12 countries are connected to Tietoevry Banking’s ATM system.

Klaus Andersen, CEO Tietoevry Banking.jpg
Klaus Andersen, CEO Tietoevry Banking.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Tietoevry Newsdesk, +358 40 5704072,
Geldmaat, +31 88 227 4114,

About Geldmaat

Geldmaat is the cash provider in the Netherlands. Together with our partners we keep cash available and accessible for those who want or need to use it. We have 4250 machines for withdrawing or depositing banknotes and 700 for withdrawing or depositing coins. Geldmaat is a partnership of Dutch banks and works under supervision of the Dutch central bank (DNB).

About Tietoevry Banking

Tietoevry Banking is the market-leading provider of financial SaaS solutions for the Nordics and beyond. We modernize banks and unlock significant value for clients with our proven low-risk implementation of our market leading software for Cards, Transaction Banking, Credit, Financial Fraud Prevention and Wealth, as well as a modular, pre-integrated Banking as a Platform solution. With unmatched scale, expertise and specialization, we drive the industry forward by enabling financial institutions to become more agile and efficient, accelerating their digital transformation journey. We are part of Tietoevry; the group’s annual turnover is approximately EUR 3 billion. Tietoevry’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ exchange in Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as on Oslo Børs.

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