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The wellbeing services county Ostrobothnia chose Tietoevry’s Lifecare as its client and patient information system

06 June 2023

Tietoevry delivers a new client and patient information system to a wellbeing services county Ostrobothnia’s social and primary health care and specialized medical care. Ultimately, the choice of Lifecare was very clear," says Pia Haglund, CIO of the wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia.

"The acquisition of a new, shared client and patient information system is essential for the development of services in Ostrobothnia. A shared client and patient information system makes it possible to make better use of the new joint organization. Having a unified system for the personnel ensures that services can be provided equally to the entire population " says Marina Kinnunen, Director of the wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia.

Lifecare system simplifies the work of healthcare and social care professionals, providing a real-time overview of customer and patient data. In addition, the patient can, for example, fill in their own health information in advance, such as blood pressure or blood glucose monitoring, so that the professional already has more information at their disposal when a customer comes to an appointment. The flow of information between professionals and patients improves.

"If the emergency department or doctor's practice finds that the client is not coping at home, the doctor can immediately see whether the patient has a customer relationship with social care services, such as an interval care place or services provided at home. It makes the planning of follow-up care significantly smoother," says Maria Lindvall, developer social worker at the wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia.

"We are delighted with the trust we have received. The technical implementation of Lifecare system facilitates the harmonization of treatment practices with the help of an OpenEHR data model. Our modern, open, and modular solution enables flexible implementation in easy-to-manage sub-assemblies. Lifecare’s open data model adapts to the customer organization’s different workflows and enables the exploitation of both clinical and operational information with e.g. the use of AI. In Ostrobothnia our customers can focus on caring for patients and provide seamless health and social care services. I see significant opportunities to further develop our solutions together with our customers to implement high-quality and cost-effective health and social services," says Ari Järvelä, Managing Director for Tietoevry Care.

The implementation of Lifecare will take place together with the customer in phases during spring 2024.

Tietoevry develops Lifecare system in Finland in cooperation with the leading healthcare and social care professionals. Lifecare is one of Tietoevry's most significant growth and investment areas.

Tietoevry has been working with health and social care systems for over 30 years and is the leading provider of comprehensive health and social care solutions in the Nordic countries. In Finland, Lifecare system is used by more than 30,000 health and social care professionals in primary health care, oral health care, specialized medical care and social services.

For more information, please contact:

Tietoevry Newsdesk,, +358 40 5704072

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Ari Järvelä

Managing Director, Tietoevry Care

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