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Länsförsäkringar group extends collaboration with Tietoevry Banking within card services

Tietoevry renews its delivery of card services to Länsforsäkringar bank and its subsidiary Wasa Kredit.

16 February 2022

This extended collaboration means that Tietoevry will continue to deliver a state-of-the-art card service (SaaS) that includes card issuing and processing, as well as card personalization, dispute and fraud prevention services. The contract has been extended until the end of 2026.

The collaboration with Tietoevry Banking gives Länsförsäkringar access to a scalable service that complies with international security requirements. The agreement ensures that the bank’s customers will have a choice of user-friendly and flexible payment solutions including modern mobile technology. It also gives Länsförsäkringar a standardized and materially simpler value chain for its card deliveries.

“We are proud that Länsförsäkringar bank and its subsidiary Wasa Kredit have chosen to renew the partnership with Tietoevry Banking. The agreement confirms both customer trust and that we have an attractive and competitive value proposition within card services,” says Hans Sjölund, Head of Card Sales & Business Development in Tietoevry Banking.

Tietoevry Banking is the market leading financial services software and solution partner in the Nordics, providing a complete value chain of card issuing services including fraud prevention and card production and personalization to close to 200 banks in the Nordics and Europe.

“For many years we have invested in technology and expertise to build a world-class industry-standard card and payment service that both meets Länsförsäkringar’s needs for scalability, security, and regulatory requirements while it also enables them to quickly offer their customers new, user-friendly and innovative payment services,” says Christer Jonsson, Head of Cards in Tietoevry Banking.

About Tietoevry

Tietoevry creates purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good. We are a leading technology company with a strong Nordic heritage and global capabilities. Based on our core values of openness, trust and diversity, we work with our customers to develop digital futures where businesses, societies, and humanity thrive.

Our 24,000 experts globally specialize in cloud, data, and software, serving thousands of enterprise and public-sector customers in more than 90 countries. Tietoevry’s annual turnover is approximately EUR 3 billion and the company’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ exchange in Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as on Oslo Børs.

For more information, please contact:

Hans Sjölund, Head of Card Sales & Business Development, Tietoevry Banking

Tel. +46 73 236 52 22


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