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Youth advisory board recruited to influence top level decisions at TietoEVRY in Sweden

31 March 2021

Young professionals with the latest competence are often furthest away from top management. The Youth Advisory Council in Sweden will change that. This is one action where TietoEVRY accelerates diversity and inclusion in the workplace to boost innovation.

The Swedish leadership team in TietoEVRY wanted to find a way to engage and connect with graduates and young professionals of the company to gain innovation, creative ideas and the newest competence. That was the beginning of YAC, the Youth Advisory Council, that can support the leaders with specific input, feedback, suggested solutions, benchmarking and creative ideation.

The council will be invited to the leadership meetings to present ideas and engage in decision making.

“I look forward to working with our new YAC members, hearing their views and sharing their ideas. Diverse perspectives are needed for innovation to happen, solving challenges but also for me and my colleagues to grow as leaders. This council is one of the concrete initiatives where we as a company put our diversity ambitions into action”, says Karin Schreil, Managing Partner, TietoEVRY Sweden.

As a part of the new sustainability game plan “Upgrading tomorrow”, TietoEVRY sets high ambitions on diversity and inclusion, with a target of reaching 50/50 male-female balance by the year 2030.

“We strive to increase diversity in the organization and aim to have a good mix of men/women, young/senior professionals and different nationalities represented in management positions. We promote an inclusive workplace where differences are welcome and respected, where different ideas and perspectives are expressed and listened to, and where each employee finds a sense of belonging”, says Karin Schreil.

Eugenia Spano, Data Engineer at TietoEVRY, is one of the members of the council.

“The opportunity to get my voice heard is not always a given, especially in big companies such as TietoEVRY. YAC allows for that, and I believe this is where its strength lies. Combine it with the possibility to discuss and brainstorm ideas with bright individuals coming from different backgrounds, and you get a real winning concept”, says Eugenia Spano.


This is Youth Advisory Council

Dilan Kaya, Business Developer at Banking Experience

Eugenia Spano, Solution Consultant and Data Engineer

Lukas Bard, Cyber Security Graduate, Cyber Security Services

Malin Thorslund, Head Of Business Improvement and Project Manager, Application Delivery

Niklas Andersson, Data Scientist Business and Intelligence consultant, Analytics EPM and Data


For further information, please contact:

TietoEVRY Newsdesk , +358 40 5704072

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