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The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority chooses an HSE card solution from EVRY

15 July 2019

(Oslo, 15 July 2019) EVRY has entered into an agreement with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority for a solution for HSE cards, which everyone who works on a building or construction site or for a cleaning company has to have. EVRY will also develop an ordering solution and provide customer support to the organisations that order the cards. The goal is to improve the current solution and make it more efficient through the use of modern and innovative solutions. The agreement represents total contract value of approximately NOK 185 million over five years, and includes the option for the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority to extend it by a further two years.

All companies that carry out work on building or construction sites in Norway and all approved cleaning companies active in Norway, both domestic and international, have to equip their workers with HSE cards. One of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s goals is to improve safety in the workplace, and this makes it important to know who is on a site at any time. The HSE card also helps prevent unreported employment, social dumping and illegal labour immigration. The primary purpose of the scheme is to protect health, safety and the working environment in Norwegian workplaces.

Under the new agreement, EVRY will develop and maintain the entire ordering solution for the HSE card scheme. EVRY will also deliver services related to producing and distributing HSE cards, and it will run daily searches of the public registers to check the validity of HSE cards. The agreement also includes operating the solution, user support and invoice management.

“We are pleased with our choice of EVRY as a supplier. They have been responsive to our requirements in terms of the solution’s functionality and user experience. With EVRY, construction companies and cleaning firms will have a future-oriented and secure solution for ordering HSE cards” comments Inger Petrea Mowinckel, Senior Consultant at the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

“During the contract period, the solution’s functionality will need to be developed, for example by introducing a digital version of HSE cards, in order to further improve oversight and prevent abuses. EVRY has proposals for a number of innovative solutions that will be considered during the agreement period”, continues Inger Petrea Mowinckel.

“We are pleased that the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has demonstrated its confidence in us by entering into this agreement. EVRY will make the process of managing HSE cards simple and efficient by using the latest in technology and security and by building on its extensive experience in the card area and the banking sector. The collaboration will also give us the opportunity to further develop the solution in accordance with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s requirements and wishes. We are looking forward to working with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority on developing more efficient and innovative solutions to support its HSE work”, comments Frode Larsen, Sales Manager, Card in EVRY Financial Services.


Contact persons
Viola Hellström, VP Marketing and Communications, Financial Services, EVRY, tel. +46 73 708 1727
Inger Petrea MowinckelSenior Consultant at the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, tel. +47 911 32229

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