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More innovation and better services for digital employees at SpareBank 1

12 November 2018

(Oslo, 12 November 2018) The SpareBank 1 Alliance’s new collaboration with EVRY in relation to digital workplace services is intended to enable more innovation and to provide better services for employees. Under the new four-year agreement, EVRY will provide server and client operations services, and it includes options for the banks in the Alliance to access services such as contingency solutions and public and private cloud services.

EVRY will deliver a service that will ensure SpareBank 1’s nearly 8,000 users have an efficient working day and have access to modern technological devices in a secure and stable way.

“We are in the digital age, and in order to do their job professionally and efficiently SpareBank 1’s employees need to be able to work and collaborate wherever and whenever they want, to be able to move seamlessly between their PC and mobile, and to be able to access apps and tools quickly and securely. Our strengthened model for collaborating with EVRY will ensure that we are more innovative and that users have access to better services”, comments Fredrik Angell, the project leader at SpareBank 1.

“We are pleased that SpareBank 1 has once again put its trust in us and extended its collaboration with EVRY. This agreement is important to EVRY and demonstrates that we are succeeding in modernising our offering, being innovative and creating flexible services that will be of high value for SpareBank 1’s employees”, comments Wiljar Nesse, Executive Vice President for Financial Services at EVRY.

The service is based on EVRY's “Workspace” service concept, which is the market-leading platform for digital workplaces. The concept is used by around 150,000 users in the Nordic region and is continually improved through a rolling development plan. The services can be adapted to customers’ IT policies and associated requirements in relation to security, cost-efficiency and control over client services.

Furthermore, EVRY has a dedicated delivery team for SpareBank 1 which is now being strengthened with expertise in areas including cloud services and automation. Through an expanded collaboration model, EVRY will ensure that personnel are more present and available at the companies in the SpareBank 1 Alliance in order to ensure good processes that support the quality of the operation, development and management of the services provided. EVRY’s personnel will also provide business support as well as support with modernising server and client services.

This agreement, which is a renewal of an existing agreement, runs until 31 December 2022 and represents total contract value of approximately NOK 170 million. SpareBank 1 Banksamarbeidet DA also has the option to extend the agreement by up to seven years until 31 December 2029. The agreement’s established services and development plans support SpareBank 1’s strategic priorities.

Contact persons:
Geir Remman, VP Group Communications, EVRY, tel. +47 970 55 017
Ida Håvik, Head of Communications, Sparebank 1, tel +47 975 22 627

About EVRY
EVRY is one of the leading IT services and software providers in the Nordic region and has more than 10,000 customers across the private and public sectors. Every day more than five million people in the Nordic region use solutions delivered by EVRY. Through its strong local presence and in-depth technological and commercial insight, EVRY is a driving force for innovation and modernisation at its customers. EVRY reported turnover of NOK 12.6 billion in 2017 and has 8,500 employees across nine countries. Its headquarters are located at Fornebu just outside Oslo, and the company is listed on the Oslo stock exchange.

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