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Tieto launches evolutionary Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller to help mobile operators develop and monetize new services across old, new networks

22 February 2018

The Nordic IT services and software company Tieto today announced the launch of the Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller. The next step in operators’ network signaling management evolution, the Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller facilitates easier operation and management of signaling networks, driving simplified operations and cost savings both in OPEX and CAPEX. It also bridges the generation gap by introducing aligned signaling, enabling network operators to simultaneously support 2G and 3G networks as well as new 4G and 5G networks. 

Involved in a battle of the sophisticated hearts, minds and wallets of modern smart device users and organizations, mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators need to constantly keep developing and monetizing further services in voice, video and data.

The challenge in planning and building the infrastructure enabling this is how to meet the increasing signaling networking demands, which involve both existing legacy and emerging new networks and architectures. The current 2G and 3G networks, still the backbone of the majority of operators, will be gradually giving room to 4G and 5G networks. But during this market shift from legacy networks towards 4G and 5G, solutions bridging the “generation gap” between them will become essential.  

“The digital economy is changing the operators’ playing field rapidly. They need new tools in their battle for driving higher market share and lower costs - to be able to respond to the consumers’ and organizations’ requirements for new and quicker services, but also to be more efficient in delivering these services,” says Tom Leskinen, Head of Product Development Services, Tieto. “The challenge is that to make the most of these new services, mobile operators need to operate several parallel networks which span across various technology generations.”

The Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller is a next generation signaling control solution which helps in the monetizing of value added operator services with minimal investments. Combining signaling control functionality support for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks in one, it supports all operator networks, from 2G to 5G, simultaneously. Thus, instead of having several network specific signaling solutions, the Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller handles all signaling control for all networks in one solution.

The main benefit of the Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller is the simplified operation and management of signaling networks. Floating capacity license between the different network types means more streamlined moving of subscribers from older technologies such as 2G/3G to 4G.

“In a nutshell, our evolutionary solution offers operational simplification and operational expenses savings, but also helps reduce capital expenditures due to flexible network agnostic license policy,” Leskinen says. “We wanted to continue the grand tradition of Finnish companies launching something new in the telecom market just prior to the Mobile World Congress. Realizing the full potential of their technologies in a future proof way is key for network operators. Our solution is the next step in this evolution.”

Key benefits of the Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller include:

  • It supports all networks: Supports all networks from 2G to 5G, resolving all multi-network signaling network issues.
  • It is Cloud Ready: Fully enabled for the cloud and virtualization, broadly fulfilling possible future demands.
  • It is an all-in-one solution: Can replace multiple other solutions — from security to signaling management.
  • It is cost effective: As a multi-platform solution, it can help reduce operations and maintenance costs.
  • It is flexible: Suitable for both existing and new networks.
  • It is scalable: Easily scales to support the expected signaling storm of new networks. It can scale dynamically, steered by the traffic load, when deployed in a cloud platform.

The Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller will be available in Q2 2018.

Tieto Product Development Services enable semiconductor, connected device and communication infrastructure vendors build next generation IoT, Mobile & wearable devices, Connected car and Networks. Together with alliance partners, we deliver complete chipset, software and services solutions for 5G, IoT and automotive.  Tieto's Product Development Services is a trusted Technology development and Systems Integration partner for Telecom industry for over 20 years.

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