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Swedish National Government Service Center chooses Tieto – increasing efficiency with new case and document management system

02 November 2017

Tieto has entered into an agreement with the National Government Service Center (Statens Servicecenter) under which it will digitalize the agency’s case and document management. The new solution will provide staff with a clear and complete overview of the agency’s activities and will result in significant time-savings, improved quality and better efficiency. The two-year deal is already being implemented and includes an extension option of another two years.

Statens servicecenter has around 400 employees whose mission is to contribute to a more efficient administration within the government’s different agencies. Statens servicecenter provides payroll- and financial administration services, but has also been tasked to establish a government-wide electronic archiving service. The agency’s aim is to generate economies of scale within Swedish state administration. The idea is to coordinate needs, create volume benefits and improve overall cost efficiency.

The new solution is based on Tieto’s industry-leading Public 360° product which will provide Statens servicecenter with a standardized system for easy and efficient management of documents and tasks. The system can be accessed and used through a range of different mobile devices, including cellphones and tablets, and offers great opportunities to collaborate with external clients and partners since it is easily integrated with other systems.

Tieto helped in establishing Statens servicecenter in 2012 and has an existing agreement with the agency under which it operates and manages SSC’s IT environment.

The latest agreement includes delivery, installation; configuration, and adjustments of Public 360° as well as training on how to use the solution for the agency’s specific purposes. In addition, the agreement includes options for consulting services for further development of the solution.

“We are very pleased that the Swedish National Government Service Center chooses to continue to collaborate with Tieto. Many government agencies face the dual challenge of having to run the agency’s existing activities more and more efficiently, while also offering new services for citizens and external stakeholders. We look forward in helping Statens servicecenter to modernize its IT for document- and task management,” says Mats Brandt, Head of Public Sector at Tieto Sweden. 

For more information, please contact:

Mats Brandt, Head of Public Sector, Tieto Sweden 
Phone: +46 70 520 33 25, e-mail: mats.brandt[at]  

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