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Tieto joins ServiceNow Services, Sales and Technology Partner Program

17 October 2017

Tieto has joined the ServiceNow Services, Sales and Technology Partner Programs to help modernise and transform service delivery for customers across the Nordic countries. Bringing together Tieto’s Nordic industry expertise and full lifecycle service capabilities with the ServiceNow platform will provide customers with a robust and strategic way of managing services in a multi-supplier ecosystem, enabling organisations to improve their performance and quality of service.

Many Nordic enterprises and organizations currently operate in an environment with multiple IT and service suppliers increasing the risk of unnecessary coordination inefficiency and cost issues. As the ServiceNow platform drives usability and scalability within other areas of managing services for enterprises, it becomes inherently important to have a delivery partner with global and strong capabilities to advise, implement, maintain and support, enabling efficiency gains, business value and a fast return on investment.

In joining ServiceNow’s Sales, Services and Technology Partner programs, Tieto will offer its Nordic customers a unique solution for managing their services over a platform that spans not just across IT but beyond. It combines the strengths of both companies: ServiceNow as one of the best platforms in service management enabling industry best practices, with Tieto’s scalability, operational efficiency and in-depth expertise in digitalization consulting and business renewal for different industries. Going forward, Tieto will be a one stop shop for full life cycle support on ServiceNow platform and products.

“Managing services in a harmonised way from an end to end perspective is the key task for customers – driving transparency, accountability and operational effectiveness in a complex IT environment supported by multiple suppliers. This requires having a strategic service management platform for their processes. By joining the ServiceNow partnership Tieto can deliver full life cycle services for our customers in the Nordics and be the preferred customer choice for building a strong platform for service management beyond IT” says Patrik Ekström, Vice President, Technology Services and Modernisation, Tieto.

“Our partners are continuously innovating and finding new ways to extend the value of ServiceNow. The partnership with Tieto will ensure more Nordic companies can benefit from service management best practices”, commented Michael Maas, Area VP, Northern, ServiceNow.

For additional information, please contact

Patrik Ekström, Vice President, Technology Services and Modernisation, Tieto
phone: +358400474443, e-mail: patrik.ekstrom[at]

Satyendra Shrotri, Head of SIAM, Technology Services and Modernisation, Tieto
phone: +46703068867, e-mail: satyendra.shrotri[at]

Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. We aim to be our customers’ first choice for business renewal. In addition to our expertise in software and professional services, we also take strong advantage of ecosystem and innovation possibilities. 

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