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Tieto cuts energy related CO2 emissions by half - Nordic data centres to run only with green energy

21 September 2017

Today, on global Zero Emissions Day, software and services company Tieto announced that it is accelerating the use of green energy in all its data centres across the Nordics. The goal is to reduce energy consumption related CO2 emissions with 50 percent by 2020.

“We are continuously examining ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our activities. Emissions are mainly generated by indirect energy consumption in data centres and offices and by business travel. We are proud of the fact that our energy related greenhouse gas emissions will be cut into half now that all our Nordic data centres are moving fully into green electricity”, says Christoph Lindemann, Director of Infrastructure Foundation Services, Tieto.

Tieto has a total of four data centres in Finland and Sweden and one in Norway, which all utilise green electricity. The company works continuously to improve energy efficiency in its operations, e.g. by optimising cooling capacity, utilising intelligent airflow management and deploying low energy computing solutions. 

Tieto is also recycling the excess heat generated by its data centre servers. This solution is currently in use in Tieto’s awarded, new-generation data centre in Espoo, Finland, where the excess heat is used in the local district heating network, heating up to 1500 households. In Stockholm, a similar solution is used to enable warming up of facilities and the nearby housing area. Meanwhile, the data centre in Norway - located deep inside a mountain in Stavanger - is run with renewable energy and cooled by cold water from the adjacent fjord.

“The amount of data transferred and stored is becoming increasingly immense, creating a growing demand for modern, secure and sustainable data centre environments. Along with helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint through automated processes, digital workplaces and intelligent services, we can make a real difference in moving towards a more sustainable society” states Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications and Corporate Responsibility, Tieto.

For additional information, please contact:

Christoph Lindemann, Director of Infrastructure Foundation Services, Tieto
phone: +358406307921, e-mail: christoph.lindemann[at]

Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications and Corporate Responsibility, Tieto
phone: +358407653700, kia.haring[at]

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