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Tietoevry Tech Services initiates targeted measures to strengthen competitiveness

08 May 2024

Tietoevry Tech Services, one of Tietoevry’s five businesses, drives enterprise-wide transformation, helping its Nordic customers modernize their digital landscape to be fit for new opportunities in the rapidly changing business environment. To strengthen competitiveness, Tietoevry Tech Services now initiates targeted measures across two of its business areas.

Digital Workplace unit provides end user services to customers across various industries and geographies. In this area, we are continuously driving automation and service modernization to bring the best possible end-user experience to our customers. The market related to these services is currently undergoing a rapid transformation driven by automation, cloud, and AI solutions, which are becoming more standardized and accessible. This has led to decreasing demand for traditional services, price erosion as well as reduced need for manual labour. Simultaneously, the market for these services is affected by high inflation impacting salaries and supplier costs.

Additionally, with the aim to be the Nordic multi-cloud leader, Tietoevry Tech Services proactively transforms its customers to modern, highly automated, and secure cloud services. As part of this transformation, Tietoevry Tech Services continues to drive efficiencies related to increased automation in managed services deliveries in the Nordics. The current focus of these activities is on Tech Services Market Unit Sweden.

In the light of the automation driven productivity improvement needs as well as the need to drive price competitiveness, Tietoevry Tech Services has initiated employee processes that may lead to the potential reduction of maximum 110 roles. Out of these, 70 roles are in the Digital Workplace unit across Sweden (~25 roles), Norway (~25 roles) and in other countries (~20 roles). In Market Unit Sweden, the potential reduction is 40 roles related to streamlining of operations to better reflect the future demand within cloud and application services. The processes are conducted according to the legislation and practices in each country and relevant legal company and are estimated to be concluded by the end of Q3 2024.

“At Tietoevry Tech Services, we are continuously building on our market position and driving modernization to bring the best possible services to our customers – we need to adapt to the rapid changes in the market as well as continue our investments in accelerating the implementation of new technologies. The efficiency measures announced are very targeted and limited to two of our business areas with specific market dynamics. Employee reductions are very hard by nature, and we will do the utmost to support the affected employees during this time”, says Satu Kiiskinen, Managing Director, Tietoevry Tech Services.

The measures announced today are not related to the ongoing strategic review of Tietoevry Tech Services. Today, Tietoevry Tech Services has over 7 500 employees globally.

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