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Tietoevry Create supports ONF and Rimedo Labs to demonstrate SMaRT-5G™ Open-Source Energy Savings Platform

Discover energy-saving and traffic-steering innovations with ONF's SMaRT-5G Open-Source Platform that was created in collaboration with Tietoevry and Rimedo Labs

10 October 2023

Tietoevry Create supports ONF and RimedoLabs to demonstrate SMaRT-5G™ Open-Source Energy Savings Platform

ONF (Open Networking Foundation) recently demonstrated its SMaRT-5G™ Open-Source Energy Savings Platform at FYUZ, combining energy-saving and traffic-steering capabilities in a unified open-source solution. This achievement aligns with the O-RAN architectural framework and utilizes the ONF's SD-RAN platform, demonstrating O-RAN compliant open-source platforms. The demonstration involves the integration of Energy Saving rApp (ES-rApp) and Traffic Steering xApp (TS-xApp) applications developed by Rimedo Labs, along with the Near-RealTime RIC, RAN Simulator (RANSim), and Service Management Orchestration (SMO). Tietoevry provided system integration services.

In the demonstration, ES-rApp monitors network load and proactively determines whether underutilized cells can be powered off to optimize energy consumption. TS-xApp seamlessly redirects traffic to other cells, ensuring no impact on end-user experience. Once load conditions change, cells can be reactivated as needed. This effort addresses mobile network energy consumption, a crucial industry concern.

The SMaRT-5G project aims to develop, demonstrate, and open-source intelligent energy-saving solutions for mobile networks, with initial collaborators including Aira Technologies, AirHop Communications, Intel, Rimedo Labs, Tietoevry, Telecom Infra Project (TIP), Rutgers WINLAB, and more organizations are encouraged to join.

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For more information, please contact:

Mariusz Rudnicki, Sales Director, Tietoevry Create,, tel. +48 600 200 496


ONF is a non-profit consortium focused on fostering innovation in software-defined programmable networks, led by operators like AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Türk Telekom. Their goal is to accelerate open networking solutions leveraging SDN and open-source software.


Tietoevry creates purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good. We are a leading technology company with a strong Nordic heritage and global capabilities. Based on our core values of openness, trust and diversity, we work with our customers to develop digital futures where businesses, societies, and humanity thrive.

Rimedo Labs

Rimedo Labs specializes in providing high-quality consulting, implementation, and R&D services in the field of modern wireless systems currently focusing on Open RAN, 5G, and beyond. Rimedo Labs is an O-RAN software provider delivering customized xApps and rApps for RAN Intelligent Controllers.

Sales Director

Mariusz Rudnicki

vRAN Ecosystem Partnerships

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