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Tietoevry and The Finnish Border Guard streamline maritime rescue with a new IT system

07 July 2022

The Finnish Border Guard, in collaboration with Tietoevry, has implemented a new Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) Command and Control System to aid the agency’s work. The new system will enhance and digitize the exchange of information between maritime SAR command centers and search & rescue units – providing robust support for saving lives during maritime emergencies.

The Maritime SAR Command and Control System, which became operational in May 2022, is significantly more versatile than its predecessor. The new system builds on two decades of learnings and experience from the previous system, supporting this knowledge with the latest technology for command and control of marine rescue missions. The implementation delivers many new functionalities to Finland’s maritime SAR command centers.

Maritime rescue requires rapid decision-making and effective communication. The new system will, for example, make it easier to locate mobile phones and obtain connectivity data in emergencies. It will also be easier to obtain register data on vessels in distress. The processing of emergency notifications has changed too, and tools for monitoring evacuees and planning searches have been completely redesigned.

“The system developed together with Tietoevry provides us with powerful tools for our day-to-day operations. It’s one of the most versatile such systems in the world, improving safety across Finland’s maritime territories and for society as a whole,” says Petteri Leppänen, Project Manager at the Finnish Border Guard agency.

“It’s been very rewarding to do this important work together with the Finnish Border Guard agency. Tietoevry has significant experience in supplying and maintaining demanding IT infrastructure that supports safety management,” says Tuomas Korpilahti, Customer Executive at Tietoevry Create.

“Maritime rescue operations need to be supported by a system that collects data from different sources, as this is how you gain critical situational awareness. The modern technology of the new system significantly improves the cooperation between authorities and other parties involved in rescue operations,” says Korpilahti.

The new command and control system is now operational, with additional features being implemented through the summer and fall of 2022. The system is in use at the maritime SAR command centers in Turku and Helsinki, which control all maritime rescue activities in Finland.

Watch the Maritime SAR Command and Control System introductory video (in Finnish):


For more information, please contact:
Tietoevry Newsdesk,, tel. +358 40 570 4072

Petteri Leppänen, Project Manager of the Maritime SAR Command and Control System at the Finnish Border Guard, tel. +358 2954 21157

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For more information, please contact

Tuomas Korpilahti

Customer Executive

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