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Tietoevry condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine - our thoughts are with the colleagues and citizens of Ukraine

24 February 2022

Updated 4 March 2022

Tietoevry condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine and any acts of violence. We follow the situation with the highest attention.

Employee safety and wellbeing as well as continuity of our customer deliveries are the highest priorities for Tietoevry at all times. The company has around 2 000 employees in Ukraine. We are deeply concerned for the safety of our employees and their families and do all we can to support them in these challenging times.

The company’s response plan has been activated, focusing on securing the safety of the employees and minimizing the impact on customer deliveries from Ukraine.

  • We have activated a task force to lead the implementation of the response plan for the Ukrainian operations.
  • We continue efforts to evacuate our employees and their families to safer areas in Ukraine and to e.g. Poland and Romania.
  • We arrange hotel rooms and rental places, transportation, first need supplies and necessities such as sim cards, bank accounts, laptops for the employees in new locations.
  • We have provided advance salary payments for all our employees in Ukraine.
  • We support legal and health services based on need.

In close collaboration with customers concerned, most of the workloads have been transferred to other locations. The situation does not have any impact on Tietoevry’s services critical for the Nordic societies.

Tietoevry has also decided to exit its operations in Russia. The company sees that in light of the ongoing military activity and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the continuation of business in Russia is ethically unsustainable.

We sincerely hope for a resolution ending the war and the sufferings of the Ukrainian people soonest possible. We are also donating money through Red Cross Ukraine to help in this humanitarian crisis.

For further information, please contact:
Tietoevry Newsdesk,, +358 40 570 4072

For more information

Tietoevry newsdesk

+358 40 5704072

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