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TietoEVRY’s Data x Business 2021 report: In the organisation of the future, everyone will be required to be data literate

The Data x business 2021 report published by TietoEVRY examines what a data-driven organisation looks like now and in the future.

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13 April 2021

What direction is a data-driven organisation heading in right now? What kind of data expertise will be required in the future? And what about the most interesting data trends in the years ahead? The Data x business 2021 report published by TietoEVRY examines what a data-driven organisation looks like now and in the future.

The years ahead will see Citizen data science in particular change the organisational culture. Everyday data processing will become a basic skill. Data will become part of everyday life, automation and forecasting will become increasingly important and ultimately the data collected will be transformed into a deeper customer understanding and into products and services that better meet customer needs.

The data managers and experts from Kone Corporation, OP Bank, Finnair and the Finnish Tax Administration among others interviewed for TietoEVRY’s report emphasised that data understanding must be expanded to all levels of the organisation. This is highlighted also by Roosa Säntti, Head of Cloud, Data & Insight at TietoEVRY.

“Easy access to and further processing of good quality information are key to a data-driven culture. This is all about data literacy, which is gradually becoming a basic skill for everyone. At the same time, everyone will be responsible for data quality going forward,” Säntti says.

According to Finland’s leading data experts, this is a major change in approach: data expertise is no longer the exclusive right of the IT department and data teams but in ownership and the core of the business.

“Even if all the tools are in place, the skills to use them in shape and support for problems available, data will not be used in decision-making until the confidence in data is in order. This calls for a strong data culture and leadership,” Säntti adds.

The Data x business 2021 research report contains tips on the cornerstones of building a data-driven organisation:

  1. Integrate data into the business strategy
  2. Create a data organisation for support
  3. Ensure data quality and accessibility
  4. Shift data ownership to business
  5. Make it as easy as possible to utilise data
  6. Take advantage of automation
  7. Focus on people

Read the full Data x Business 2021 report here


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