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Production management dashboard solution enhances social and health care services

01 November 2021

TietoEVRY delivers a dashboard solution that endorses production management for a joint project between four hospital districts. The project is managed by 2M-IT. The production management system supports the operations and services of the hospital districts of Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme and Satakunta and is independent of the customer and patient systems used by social and health care. 

The data-based dashboard solution for social and health care is being implemented using agile software development methods. The implementation is part of a larger production management system being built in a multi-vendor environment. The dashboard solution is based on Microsoft Power Platform technology. The first development objective is to generate dashboards that can be used to monitor hospital wards’ allocation of beds, care intensity and nursing staff resources. Most of the necessary information is imported from the Lifecare customer and patient information system.  

The solution enables the creation of dashboards in different use cases for professionals in social and health care in a way that reduces customer wait times between appointments, allows for faster transitions and predicts future resource needs. Other development needs can then be prioritized based on the implementation of the dashboard.   

Production management allows for customer journeys and clinical pathways that extend across sectors and services, progress seamlessly and cost-effectively and correspond to customers’ service needs while utilizing resources in an optimal way. The production management solution makes it easier to plan the production of services according to the organization’s needs and the requirements of the operating environment.  

Further information: 

Tommi Koistinen, Lead Product Manager, Production Management,, +358 44 9719337


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Tommi Koistinen

Lead Product Manager, Production Management

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