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Agile development and support for healthcare organizations in Finland

09 April 2020

Healthcare professionals are at the heart of the current coronavirus crisis. We are listening carefully to our Lifecare customers during this exceptional situation and responding to their needs quickly and efficiently. Every week, we publish new functionalities and guidelines to support healthcare organizations during these uncertain times.

Functionalities to support care work during the crisis

There are several additional functionalities that are required to support care work. For example, various communication services, reports, forms, diagnoses and situation views need to be taken into account. Lifecare Video enables remote appointments, in which a professional can assess a patient’s condition via video connection. Additionally, the patient can also receive care instructions through the chat function.

It is possible to add crisis-supporting functionalities, such as customized reports and person lists, to the reporting solution. The COVID-19 situation view is currently under development. We have also incorporated the forms and diagnoses published by the relevant authorities within the system. In addition, we provide solutions for monitoring the care of coronavirus patients and managing treatment sites.

The SMS applications in the system meet the increased contact needs required by patients at this time. Communication to a specific group based on a characteristic such as age or communication to the entire population is also possible. A text message reminder for an appointment can also include a crisis-related note about, for example, rescheduling if the patient is experiencing symptoms.

Supporting guidelines and workflows

Our experts have created detailed and specific guidelines to support the work being carried out by healthcare professionals. They are related to, for example, COVID-19 diagnoses, situation views, ward load monitoring, care sites, statistics, care access monitoring, appointment booking, forms and communication. Our e-learning environment also responds to the need, for example, to admit a new employee quickly.

We constantly monitor the needs of our customers and continue our agile development work to support them.

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Teemu Vähäkainu

Head of data-driven care

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