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Tieto is part of the 5G ecosystem – this is how companies best can leverage the new technology

23 October 2019

Earlier this year, Tieto entered into a strategic partnership with Telia to leverage the latest mobile technology – 5G. Tieto is part of the Swedish 5G ecosystem to innovate and explore new use cases, together with customers and other industry partners. On October 11, Tieto and other companies met to inspire and present industry cases to give a deeper understanding of the impact that 5G will have on the industry and the society.

Gunnar Tolf, management consultant and head of innovation management at Tieto, presented how companies can work with innovation and how to best leverage new and untapped technologies, such as 5G.

“The best way to start exploring a market that is just being created is by adopting a portfolio approach, with several bets in parallel, and by working in teams that combine competencies, such as design, technology, industry expertise and - not to forget - sales. It is also crucial to stay end-user oriented and focus on what needs the technology can meet, not only on the tech itself, says Gunnar Tolf, head of innovation management, Tieto.

“Tieto sees great potential in 5G and what it can bring to our customers. Tieto, as a system integrator, will play a key role in connecting the various technologies, solution and partners, while guiding organizations through their business transformation and data journey. We thank Telia for an exciting day and for enabling this initiative, says Cecilia De Leeuw, Client partner for the telecom industry, Tieto.

In this interview, Gunnar and Cecilia explain what companies can do now and how to best leverage new technologies. The video was recorded during Telia 5G summit in Stockholm.

About 5G
With the next generation of mobile networks, you will see faster download and upload speeds drastically lower latency for real-time services, lower power consumption, almost 100% availability– unleashing opportunities for countless new applications, services and business models. One example is environments where requirements for reliability and security are incredibly high. 5G can, for example, to enable large numbers of connected devices that communicate with each other and send large amounts of data at high speed and controlling devices in real-time. 

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