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Edvin got a new job by “gaming”

18 September 2019

In 2019, 24-year old Stavanger boy Edvin Rygh participated a game-based testing and speed interview process. Following the initial stage, he was then invited to a final round at one of our departments here in Oslo. The application was fast-paced, so as soon as the offer letter came, Edvin didn’t hesitate. He packed all his stuff in the car and moved to eastern Norway.

Edvin has many talents and, in his free time, he enjoys playing music, frisbee golf, making home-brew beer and spearfishing.

“The social atmosphere we have, particularly amongst us youngsters, is incredibly good”

“As a person, I’m outgoing and curious. I like taking care of those around me and I’m very reliable. I can very easily become impatient and I hate losing! Even if I’m pretty good at hiding that fact,” says Edvin with a smile.

So with that, we know we can add ‘a good actor’ to the list of Edvin’s talents...

As Edvin had heard several friends and acquaintances speak warmly of the people and our internship programme, he quickly decided to apply to the Graduate Programme that we offer.

” Recommendations, as well as the fact I’ve always been interested in technology and enjoy finding the perfect solution to things, were what made me decide to apply.”
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Good possibilities and flextime arrangements

As usual, Edvin is out visiting clients in Oslo and the local region, and is implementing, fixing or developing ERP systems.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning System, and compiles valuable information that can help you make strategic decisions based on your data.

“Each day for me can be really varied, and I get to face new challenges every day. Right now I’ve got a number of single deliveries I’m responsible for, in addition to my assistant work. This means I have the opportunity to manage my weekly schedule entirely by myself. I agree my participation with the clients directly from week to week. At other times, I’m out working on the project only on fixed days each week.”

Edvin is able to tick most of the boxes detailing whether this job lives up to the expectations he had when he started here.

“The best thing about my job is the feeling of mastery; when you finally find the right solution to a complex challenge you’ve been working on for a long time. Something else I really appreciate is the broad reach that EVRY has in Scandinavia. This has led to me having the opportunity to be involved with many exciting projects for some of Scandinavia’s most influential organisations. Besides the professional aspect, the social side is particularly important to me. The social atmosphere we have, particularly amongst us youngsters, is incredibly good. Throughout my first year, I’ve met so many lovely people and made several friends for life.”

Thanks to a busy and varied weekday, Edvin has many memories to call upon, but one in particular is prominent for the guy from Stavanger.

“My best single memory involves a client who leapt from their chair to do a ‘victory dance’ and then proceeded to give out high fives across the table - their reaction to a solution being found.”

Edvin_rygh_TietoEVRY.pngWhat often characterises the clients Edvin helps is enthusiasm and passion.

No reason to be afraid the robots are going to take over

Are you sitting there with a queasy feeling in your stomach, afraid that, in your job as an ERP consultant, the robots will be able to do it better in the future? Then Edvin can tell you he thinks that’s most unlikely.

“It’s difficult to answer exactly what I think the future of my industry will be like. I mean, some of the things with technology will be exciting. Change is happening really quickly and, generally speaking, for the better, but I’m sure we will always have a need for people. I always think there will be the need to keep track of the resources that go in and out of an organisation. In the meantime, we will probably see a strong increase in the degree of automation thoughout the processes that ‘write’ data. We do currently have automation in ERP, but it’s largely based on rules that we humans have programmed.”

At some point in the future Edvin imagines that we may get a butler Jarvis from Iron Man, who will make daily life easier for everyone!

“I think that we’ll see an increase in “learning” processes across ERP, and that they will first help us humans by suggesting what should be registered, before eventually taking over many tasks completely. I also think there’ll be many more dynamic reporting tools to make it easier to find the answers you need from the database when the need arises. One day, a long way off in the future, it would be cool if we had our very own Jarvis Butler from the Iron Man movie. Jarvis is, of course, the ultimate ERP system. He keeps automatic track of everything, and provides the relevant decision-making information to Tony Stark the very instant he needs it.”


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