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Tieto awarded for its work against digital inequality

17 May 2019

Tieto was awarded for the extensive and impactful work the company has done with fighting against digital inequality in the society. ProCom, the Finnish Association of Communication Professionals, has awarded Tieto for collaborating with Startup Refugees to strengthen new comers integration to the society and the Finnish labor market.

Tieto is collaborating with societal engagement partners in all its biggest operating countries in order to strengthen digital democracy, drive inclusiveness and increase digital equality in the society. One of Tieto's main partners in Finland is Startup Refugees, organization aiming speed up the path to working life for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants arriving to Finland.

ProCom, the Finnish Association of Communication Professionals, has awarded Tieto's and Startup Refugees' collaboration as the Corporate Social Responsibility Act of the Year. The argumentation for this recognition was that with this program Tieto is touching many timely societal issues and approaching those through its own business priorities, building on its strengths and knowledge.

"In addition to sustainable everyday business, we are actively collaborating with selected NGOs to drive inclusiveness and increase digital equality in our societies. Our employees have the opportunity to participate in volunteer work - and I want to especially thank all the enthusiastic Tieto-team members that have contributed to these activities. This project and our long-term commitment have been valuable for the new comers – and the society as a whole, and this is a great recognition for all of us. A special thanks goes to my team members Mari Tuokko, Jenni Salmi and Annika Uusikari, who have been the super powers behind the project", says Kia Haring, Head of Global Communications and Sustainability at Tieto.

"Giving back to the society" -project as a starting point for the long-term collaboration

Tieto and Startup Refugee started collaborating in the beginning of the 2018 as part of Tieto's 50-year anniversary activities and Giving back to the society –project. Tieto employees have organized workshops in the headquarters in Keilalahti, Espoo, focusing on digital skills, online security, citizen services and job-seeking skills. During the first workshops, more than 50 Tieto employees volunteered reaching about 160 refugees during the year.

"Our collaboration with Tieto has been really awarding. Before the program, many of the participants did not have contacts in companies within the technology field, they were lacking information regarding the local labor market and on utilizing digital tools when applying for jobs. This collaboration is a great example on how companies can play a major role in solving social challenges and finding creative ways in integrating immigrants into the societies", says Elisa Vepsäläinen, Director at Startup Refugees.

In the beginning of 2019, the collaboration has expanded to a mentoring program for highly educated asylum seekers who have a strong motivation to work in the digital field. Read more about Tieto's societal engagement work and our collaboration with Startup Refugees here.

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