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Industry giant Greiner and Tieto launch mixed reality in apprentice training

10 May 2019

The Nordic IT services and software company Tieto and the Austrian plastics and foam specialist Greiner have introduced a new mixed reality training program. Built by Tieto utilizing Microsoft HoloLens, the Greiner Next Generation (GNG) training center employs a mixed reality (MR) application for training future employees at the Greiner plant in Kremsmünster, Austria.

Founded in the 19th century, Greiner is a pioneer in Industry 4.0 applications. Greiner's operations offer numerous fields of application for mixed reality solutions. Building on previous digitalization efforts, the Greiner apprentice training center "Greiner Next Generation" (GNG) was fitted with a new mixed reality application.

The Tieto mixed reality solution provides trainees interactive learning and training programs using for example texts, videos and 3D models. Utilizing Microsoft HoloLens, eg. 3D mixed reality training of factory machines is provided. The application also enables the projection of a complete virtual factory machine as a 3D model, which allows trainees to learn how to use machines and helps reduce factory error rates.

"Placing the learner at the center of the learning experience by simulating the real work environment, the new mixed reality solution makes it much easier to train complex entities," says Bruno Klampferer, Head of the Greiner Training Center.

"Heavy industry demand for mixed reality solutions will continue to increase in the coming years. Greiner uses Industry 4.0 solutions very proactively and in an innovative way and already benefits greatly of its digitalization projects. This new mixed reality solution plays a fundamental role in successful learning as it brings Greiner employees faster up to speed on their tasks, " says Helmut Krämer, Senior Software Architect at Tieto Austria.

Greiner is one of the most successful industrial companies in Austria. With 140 production and sales locations in 33 countries worldwide, it is one of the largest manufacturers and processors of synthetic and foam materials.

For additional information, please contact:
Karin Forster, Head of Marketing and Communications, Tieto Austria
Tel.: +43 (0)1 33 17 4 1080,

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