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Tieto Leadership Forum 2017 once again awarded the best personnel event

20 April 2018

Tieto Leadership Forum 2017 was selected the best employee event in 2017 at Evento Awards 2018. We won the same prize in 2015 with the same event.

In May 2017 Tieto organized a global leadership event, Tieto Leadership Forum (TLF), with several inspirational external and internal speakers. Last year TLF was organized in Helsinki, Finland, on 30-31 May 2017. The theme of the event was growth and accelerating innovation.


The event gathered 230 leaders and talents throughout the world to exchange ideas and network with colleagues from other Tieto countries. Tieto Leadership Forum is open for all via live intranet feed, recordings, active sharing through event app and Twitter chat. TLF content is also available through Learning as a Lifestyle platform.

Big thanks to all who participated in this event with an open mind and actions - and big thanks to the organizing team for an excellent work!

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