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Tieto is a leader in creating customer value

06 December 2018

For the second year in a row Tieto reach the second place in Digital Workplace when Radar has done their yearly customer survey in Sweden. Tieto is a leader in creating operative, tactical and strategic values to their customer in 2018 according to Radars major supplier quality review.

“We see this as a receipt that the work we do is appreciated by our customers. Customer experience is high priority for Tieto and we are very happy to be able to contribute greatly from our side”, says  Mathias Åberg, Head of Workspace Business, Tieto.

Why should the user experience of corporate IT services be any less functional or appealing than the IT services you use in your private life? Tieto’s Energized Workspace services enable new and efficient ways of agile work-methods that increase the collaboration between colleagues and improves productivity. Tieto meets current and future digitalization requirements of public and private sector organizations by responding to market demand for simpler and more flexible ICT environments. Tieto deliver a modern digital workplace experience to over 200 Nordic customers and 300,000 end users benefit from the Energized Workspace service.

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Mathias Åberg, Head of Workspace Business, Tieto

Work: +46104810266

Mobile: +46725300802


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