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Tieto extends its capabilities into insights-driven marketing

Tieto can now offer even more holistic solutions for designing and implementing unique, more personalised customer experiences.

17 December 2018

Tieto’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) business unit has extended its capabilities and offerings into customer data analytics, digital marketing optimisation and marketing automation, and can now offer even more holistic solutions for helping its customers design and implement unique, more personalised customer experiences.

Tieto’s Marketing Science unit’s advisory, planning, implementation, and continuous optimisation services help liberate and activate customer data and personalise content, offers, and experiences for first-class customer engagement, lead generation and higher revenue and profitability for businesses.

“Businesses should seek growth and improve customer experience through insights-driven marketing that is based on customers’ real-time needs, interests, and behaviour and this way offer a deeper level of engagement across the whole customer life cycle,” explains Marko Saarinen, Head of Marketing Science. “We help our customers harness the right data and move from insight to action. Today’s industry leaders in marketing and customer experience are ignoring pure gut feelings and combining advanced technology and machine learning with human creativity to reduce time to insight and action, which is the key enabler for business transformation.”

The Marketing Science unit utilises global-scale, market-leading technology solutions and platforms, such as Selligent’s and Salesforce’s cloud-based marketing automation, Google’s and Adobe’s web analytics, and the cloud platforms from Microsoft and AWS, to enable insights-driven, automated and personalised customer interaction.

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Marko Saarinen, Head of Marketing Science, Tieto

+358 40 181 7888

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