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Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP Release Highlights

07 November 2018

We are pleased to announce that the newest version of Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP is now available. TDL7 offers the latest technology and has already proven the high quality of Tieto’s private cloud solutions for SAP systems.

Tieto Dynamic Landscape (TDL) for ERP has been a state-of-the-art private cloud platform for SAP systems for many years. Being a market leader in the Nordics for SAP managed hosting services, TDL for ERP offers end-to-end services for the most demanding SAP landscapes. 

With focus on business processes continuity, availability, performance and security, TDL7 features will impact all business processes managed in SAP systems.  

The latest technologies of microprocessors, servers, storage and network components have been incorporated into TDL for ERP. It means that customers can benefit from increased computing power, improved scalability, and as a result better performance of their SAP systems. It opens new possibilities for SAP systems users like availability of bigger HANA databases or quicker processing of huge sets of data. 

From a business continuity point of view, the high level of availability of the platform has been retained: 99,999% is available in the standard service. Customers can also benefit from other features of the service: live update of Linux kernel, flexible provisioning of resources, 24x7 service coverage and standardized implementation process, among many others. Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP provides high performance, security and scalability, which allows customers to focus on their business instead of the technical infrastructure of SAP systems. 

The quality of Tieto cloud services for SAP has been proven more than capable many times. In June 2018, TDL for ERP was certified by SAP SE for SAP Hosting and SAP HANA Operations services, and in 2017 it was certified by Cisco as SAP services provider for HANA based systems. ISO-27001 as well as previous SAP certification audits – and above all dozens of happy customers – prove that private cloud services for SAP systems offered by Tieto are a trustworthy baseline for systems running the most critical business processes. 

For more information, please contact:

Jakub Zurek, Product Manager for SAP platform operations at Tieto, tel. +46 70 288 79 36, email

Tieto, as a leading provider of platform operations for SAP in Nordics, makes use of the latest IT technologies to provide state-of-the-art cloud services for SAP systems. With over 20 years of  experience in SAP, Tieto combines global delivery of enterprise level services with customer focused delivery model. 

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