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Tieto adds I-Plan software suite to its portfolio for comprehensive supply chain planning

04 September 2018

The new partnership with Trading Science Ltd concerning their I-Plan software expands Tieto’s solution portfolio to comprehensive Supply Chain Planning for process industries.

Managing Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning has been a major challenge for paper and similar industries. In particular, linking demand planning to the cyclical nature of production schedules has been difficult to achieve.

I -Plan, a cloud-based software tool for forecasting, supply planning and inventory optimisation for roll and sheet manufacturing, packaging and process industries, provides this link. In addition, it solves many other practical questions around the S&OP planning processes. 

“We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Tieto to provide a better and more comprehensive solution for the industry and also to innovate new services and solutions around supply chain and related optimisation. The collaboration starts in Enterprise Resource Planning, and goes through Sales and Operations Planning further to Manufacturing Execution Systems”, says Alan Cheesbrough, founder of the I-Plan concept.

I-Plan makes it possible to forecast market demand with far greater accuracy, schedule production more efficiently, control inventories more tightly and give executives the information they need to increase profitability while following strategic goals.

“The overall focus for us is to improve the efficiency of our customers and help them perform better. This strategic partnership will be useful for both our existing customers and the marketplace, and for us to be able to include I-Plan to our product portfolio. It is an important addition to our Production Excellence ecosystem of innovative products and services in the forest industry and in the entire process industry sector”, states Carsten Henke, Head of Production Excellence, Forest Industry and Managing Director, Tieto Germany.

The I-Plan concept also adds value through its capabilities to smoothly integrate with industry systems, both legacy and modern ERPs of all kinds and different MES solutions, such as Tieto’s existing Tieto Integrated Paper Solution (TIPS) products.

For more information, please contact:

Timo Jäätvuori, Sales Director, Pulp and Paper unit, Forest Industry, Tieto
tel. +358 40 070 5322,

Jari Kaukiainen, Business Development, Trading Science
tel. +358 40 582 0218, e-mail

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