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Taneli Tikka appointed chairman of AI group, Technology Industries in Finland

19 January 2018

Tieto’s head of innovation incubation Taneli Tikka has been appointed as chairman of AI group for Technology Industries in Finland. Established in the beginning of 2018, the Technology Industries of Finland is the lobbying organisation for technology industry companies.

”AI is one of the great driving forces of our society. It can simplify everyday life, working life and create value for clients in the future. What is especially interesting is the role people, companies and organisations have in the development of AI and how to apply AI into different contexts and needs. To answer all of this, the AI group brings together Finland’s latest knowledge in the area, taking into account also what are the commercial prerequisites for Finland to benefit from AI”, Taneli Tikka says.

Digital transformation is accelerating on all levels of society. Also the manufacturing industry will develop due to AI.

”A big question is how AI will affect working life. In order to ensure that Finland has new jobs, we need to pursue a position as a spearhead of technological development”, says CEO Jorma Turunen from Technology Industries in Finland.

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