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Tieto Forest Hub is leading the wood and fibre supply ecosystem into papiNet industry standard

05 September 2017

In March 2017 Tieto introduced the Forest Hub ecosystem platform that helps wood supply business partners in their operational data transfer regarding wood logistics and mill reception processes. By connecting to Tieto Forest Hub the actors in forest industry are seeking to improve daily operational planning and follow-up, management of the inventories, and information quality, while also decreasing the amount of manual work required and reducing errors.

A complex supply chain in a complex ecosystem involves a large number of messages between organisations at different points. In wood and fibre supply the ecosystem includes a multitude of suppliers and buyers, harvesting operations, transport and logistics as well as mill reception and inventory management. The faster, easier and more standardised the exchange of these messages is, the more efficiently the entire ecosystem will work. This is why the major industry players across Europe and North America have come together in the form of papiNet, a global initiative for the Forest and Paper supply chain. The organisation works to provide a common standard for business transactions based on the XML data format and standardised message content definitions. PapiNet messages provide the entire industry with a messaging “esperanto” – common formats and message content descriptions so that all participant systems understand those in the same way.

Up until now, however, standardised messaging has been possible mainly between large organisations. Industry information hubs are changing the scene profoundly and Tieto Forest Hub is open to all actors in the industry, from large forest industry companies to medium size and small businesses, including bioenergy producers. Companies with the lightest messaging needs can even use Forest Hub simply through a web browser, and the open papiNet standard ensures data compliance throughout the whole supply chain.

Tieto, a Nordic leader in industry hubs and ecosystems, and a strong supporter of open standards, makes the benefits of information hubs and the papiNet messaging standard available to all wood and fibre businesses regardless of size. In addition to Forest Hub, Tieto is active also in several other papiNet initiatives. A prime example is SDC’s ( information hub renewal project in Sweden where Tieto is participating in building the new papiNet based messaging layer for the new version of SDC service. Similarly, Tieto is helping several industry customers to adapt their systems to the new papiNet standard.

Tieto’s Forest Hub is based on Business Information Exchange (BIX,, which is a cloud service for B2B integration. Tieto BIX currently covers 1,500 direct customers, 26 sales partners, and exchanges close to 500 million transactions annually. By using this large scale B2B integration service as its core, Tieto Forest Hub can provide cost efficient and reliable services that meet the business continuity requirements of mission critical processes.

For more information, please contact:

Jaakko Kuusisaari, Director, Wood and Fibre Solutions, Tieto
Tel.: +358 (0)40 501 5197, e-mail:

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