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Tieto and Tampere region have signed a SIAM agreement on multi-vendor major incident management

15 December 2017

Tieto and Tampere region have signed an agreement on Service Integration and Management (SIAM) covering major incident situations in the complex multi-vendor environment. The goal is to improve coordination and quality assurance management in IT.

The new SIAM agreement with Tampere region consists of two subservices. Firstly, SIAM Ticket Lifecycle Management, where Tieto takes responsibility for coordinating the problem solving of tickets across all Tampere region’s IT suppliers. Secondly, SIAM MIM Service, including 24/7 leadership in MIM situations in Finnish language, coordination of problem solving together with all Tampere IT suppliers, coordination of root cause analysis after MIM situations, and continuous improvement of the knowledge and instructions between parties.

Better coordination and quality assurance management in IT

“Our goal in developing IT service integration with Tieto is to synchronize the service delivery in our multi-function and multi-vendor environment. Service desk delivered by Tieto operates as single point of contact in our multi-vendor IT delivery, so it was natural to start developing service integration and management (SIAM) with Tieto. With SIAM we seek better coordination and quality assurance management in IT. We try to significantly reduce major incidents in regional IT services.” says Arto Kahila, CIO of Tampere Region.

“The challenges in the kind of multi-vendor environments, as in Tampere region, are typically connected to major incident situations, especially when there are multiple IT providers in the complex ecosystem. An incident may be raised by any of the vendors so in order to work in an effective manner, there needs to be clarity on responsibilities,” says Veli Pirttiaho, Head of SIAM at Tieto, Market Finland. “Our SIAM agreement now clearly states who does what and who has the lead”, he adds.

Marko Ertimo, leading the MIM team for Tampere, says: “It is all about teamwork, where all roles and responsibilities are crystal clear. Our team’s responsibility is to lead professionally exceptional situations wherever a major incident may happen, 24/7 in Finnish.”

Whenever IT plays a critical role in the business and services of an organisation, there are remarkable benefits to be gained by this kind of Service Integration and Management. When the SIAM partner takes responsibility of running the customer’s IT in the complex multi-vendor ecosystem, ensuring systematic ways of working and march order in problem situations, the customer can all the time concentrate on their core services.

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