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Sustainability in focus at Tieto’s new head office

26 January 2017

Imagine what 6000 sensors in one office can do! In addition to supporting the employee experience through features enabled by data analytics, office space utilization can be optimized helping to minimizing environmental impacts .This and many other sustainable activities are a reality at Tieto’s new head office in Keilalahti, Finland.


At the Keilalahti office, sensor technology combined with Industrial Internet solutions and data-driven analytics, make it possible to collect, combine and analyze data from thousands of installed sensors. These provide access to simple and understandable information that can be used in making sustainable decisions.

“The Intelligent Building opens totally new opportunities to run the office premises efficiently. We will be able to optimize office utilization and even temporarily close office space that is not used, as one example” says Tomas Elken, CPO and Head of Facilities at Tieto. “This way we can optimize energy consumption as well as office cleaning and maintenance. And the environmental impact minimizes alongside.”

Moving to greener operations

Switching to green buildings and reducing energy consumption are an integral part of Tieto’s global facility strategy. The Keilalahti office is equipped with LED lamps, occupancy sensors and runs on renewable energy coming from certified wind power. Building cooling is done using seawater. The building automation is connected to a remote Energy Wise controlling system, making it possible to systematically review heating, ventilation and air conditioning conditions and settings.

“We are currently planning a LEED certification for the building,” says Tomas Elken.“ Already during the planning phase a lot focus was put in sustainability, for example choosing energy efficient ICT equipment as well as environmentally solid building materials and furniture.”

For the employees and visitors, the environmental features are mainly visible through the certified and recycled office furniture. Also the indoor carpet is made of material supporting highest indoor air quality standards.

Tieto’s Intelligent Building service, which collects the data from office sensors to 3-D maps, will be used by employees to get real-time overview of office floor utilization, finding the best available working spot based on needs or simply locating colleagues. The office of the future supports changing project as well as business needs, while being sustainable!

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