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Alternative scoring explained in one minute

02 January 2017

Watch our new video to learn how Emric uses big data to help banks secure clients they usually miss out on.

As societies and technologies evolve, there is a need for a new type of credit scoring. With Emric alternative scoring, it’s finally possible to give a credit score to expats, freelancers & graduates.

A faster and reliable result for people with no credit history

Our new analytics software collects up to 350 additional data points. The data comes from web behavior such as how you type, how move your mouse, if you copy and paste information, your presence on social media, what devices you use, and geo-location data.

The data is collected from five main areas:

  • Device-based information – In-depth information about a user’s device e.g. location and internet service provider.
  • Behavior-based information – User behavior on the webpage provides very valuable information about user’s future payment behavior and helps to detect robots.
  • Web search – Assessing the borrowers’ web presence including LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter might be relevant for credit scoring.
  • Location-based data – The location-based assessment uses the applicant’s home address and device location as inputs and combines several various databases.
  • Additional data – Alternative scoring takes into account a number of other variables. For example, the telephone number given in the loan application can be enriched with the name of the service provider that usually has a strong correlation with credit behavior.

Using new data sources and analytical methods enables Emric customers to gain deeper insights of the borrowers to help lenders reduce false positives and negatives.

Compliant with EU data regulations

With Emric alternative scoring, you can make the right decision, with the peace of mind that you are compliant with EU data regulations. Customer privacy is our No.1 concern so all our solutions are fully compliant with EU data regulations.

Avoid false negatives and improve your fraud detection – Contact us today to see how alternative scoring can help your business.

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