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Intel and Tietoevry accelerate AI solution development together

Together with the Intel AI Builders ecosystem, we help OEMs and ISVs to develop, productize and scale Artificial Intelligence innovations.

09 March 2021

We are very excited to join Intel, and the AI Builders ecosystem, to accelerate the adoption of AI and help OEMs and ISVs to develop, productize, and successfully ship AI-enabled solutions.

Joining AI Builders is a natural extension of our long and fruitful collaboration on the Intel Network Builders ecosystem. We bring with us a wealth of industry expertise, as well as advanced software and AI engineering talent with extensive hands-on experience with Intel technologies, ready to support the ecosystem.

We at Tietoevry work with the world’s most advanced global technology companies building 5G networks, Connected & Autonomous Cars, and Smart Devices.  Together with our customers, we are increasingly using AI to innovate, automate and optimize their products and solutions.

Some examples of our successful collaboration with the ecosystem on AI solution development includes:

  • Computer vision with object detection, localization and segmentation using state-of-the-art deep learning techniques and sensor fusion. Proof of Values projects in that space included extensive collaboration with municipal organizations. Read more about one example project: AI-IoT test solution for pedestrian traffic safety. 

  • In collaboration with Communication Service providers and network equipment OEMs, we leverage AI to optimize & automate the orchestration of 5G Networks for resource management, scaling, and placement for best cost/performance decision making. Read outcomes of a recent joint research project around Optimisation of Edge Networks and their Distributed Applications. 

  • Helping OEM customers design and developed their MLOps – implementing R&D pipelines with inbuilt continuous machine learning model training complementing the classic DevOps environments for OEMs developing AI-optimized products

  • Developing, training, and integrating custom machine learning models to solve a variety of challenges such as Industrial anomaly detection to support predictive maintenance, 3D map creation for indoor parking using based on vehicle sensor data, as well as driver monitoring for autonomous vehicles requiring fallback in exceptional cases (such as Level 3 automated vehicles)

AI opens a world of innovation opportunities but requires crossing the chasm from a piloting phase into production and scaling. By joining the Intel AI Builders we want to support the ecosystem in that endeavour.

Our first joint AI Builders project in collaboration with Intel and OEM partners will demonstrate a Scalable Video Analytics Edge reference platform based on Intel’s OpenNess with integrated analytics supported by OpenVino and Movidius Accelerator. The platform will support automated deployment and allow to host containerized Video Analytics and different purpose workloads which would be upgradeable and adaptable based on applied Edge use case needs. Pre-integrated Automatic Pedestrian Alert System will show how smart cities can improve their pedestrian safety through AI and edge technology. The platform will allow also us to run Telco and Enterprise workloads making the platform a highly scalable Edge Cloud solution.

We strongly believe that Intel AI Builders is the perfect vehicle for creating successful commercial AI solutions.

Read more about product development services.


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Mikel Echegoyen

Head of Technology, Tietoevry Create

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