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“Cloud is not a destination; it’s an operating model"

This quote is attributed to Michael Dell, but it is also a saying that very well represents the collaboration between VMware and TietoEVRY.

18 October 2020

TietoEVRY’s mission is to support customers in their business transformation as well as to ensure digital business at scale and business continuity at all times. Having end-to-end capabilities, TietoEVRY supports customers in their transformation journey from core infrastructure to cloud and edge services.

TietoEVRY and VMware share the joint goal of accelerating Nordic customers’ cloud transformation. At the core of these efforts is the cloud; in the form of public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments that address the unique needs of every customer. For TietoEVRY the VMware hybrid cloud solutions are essential building blocks that help increase agility, reduce technical complexity, and, essentially, spark customers’ innovation.

“With VMware, we attain a solid, yet easy and cost-effective, way for portability into a cloud environment”, says Alberto Valero, Head of Private Cloud and Edge Services. “We can offer customers a platform that hides all unnecessary complexity and reduces migration times by many weeks or even months”.

TietoEVRY wants to power customers’ data-driven economy. To achieve this, customers need to be able to quickly scale up their digital solutions. By leveraging the innovation that VMware brings, TietoEVRY can create a seamless cloud continuum for customers without losing security, protecting data, and maintaining the right governance.

“VMware’s Cloud foundation helps us enable the right cloud allocations for our customers for all types of workloads. At the same time, we can create solutions that combine cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time analytics, 5G networking, the Internet of Things, and other transformative technologies”, says Alberto Valero.

As a TietoEVRY VMware Cloud Verified partner, customers can rely on a cloud infrastructure that moves and runs their VMware workloads seamlessly. Moreover, customers can also benefit from TietoEVRY’s expertise to outsource and enhance their workload migration process with automation, end-to-end operations management, security reinforcement, disaster recovery, and app modernization.

“We have been extremely pleased to partner with TietoEVRY over the last five years. The company is deeply committed to VMware’s multi-cloud strategy. Applications have become critical to delivering great customer experiences and ultimate business success. The ability to develop, run, manage, and protect applications, across any cloud, is the key, and that is what TietoEVRY delivers to its customers. With a VMware cloud foundation, offering consistent management and operations across clouds, combined with teams of cloud experts who have advanced knowledge of VMware solutions and industry experts, TietoEVRY is a perfectly positioned partner to offer customers across the Nordic region the choice, expertise, and technologies required for successful transformation”, says Hervé Renault, Head of VMware Cloud EMEA.

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