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Valērija Vārna: A journey that exemplifies leadership and dedication.

Since May 1st, Valērija, Head of Central Europe Delivery Operations at Tietoevry Create, has been leading our largest Delivery Operations in Central Europe, overseeing a team of 1850 specialists.

Valerija Varna / June 05, 2024
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She joined Tietoevry in 2017 as Country Manager and Head of DX in Latvia.

Nowadays Valērija is also a Chairperson of the board at Tietoevry Latvia, and is heading separate entities of Tietoevry Estonia and Tietoevry Lithuania as a managing director. She is also a chairperson of the board of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Let's find out how her career has developed and what her plans for the future are: 
- I chose the field in which I wanted to build my career quite early, around the age of 15-16. I remember the first time I turned on a computer at school, such excitement! Therefore, the decision to study at Riga Technical University, and specifically Information Technology, was deliberate and informed - I obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering sciences and a master's degree in management sciences at Riga Technical University, says Valērija.

Promoting efficiency and a positive workplace culture

Starting as a programmer during her bachelor's studies, Valērija gradually shifted towards roles involving more communication with end users, becoming a systems analyst, a solution consultant, a project manager, a leader of the team, a head of the department, until reaching the position of a board member. In 2017, she joined Tietoevry, and as of May 1st, 2024, she has taken on the role of Head of Central Europe Delivery Operations at Tietoevry Create:
- What excites me the most is engaging in various activities driving customer growth and supporting our employees. This includes collaborating with clients and partners, nurturing employee career development and well-being, and cultivating an environment that promotes efficiency and a positive workplace culture. This environment empowers high-performing talents to excel, shares Valērija and continues:

- We have exceptional experts in every location, consistently delivering outstanding results. However, our focus has mainly been internal, prioritizing our own staff and local projects. I'm delighted that we've launched OneCreate to overcome and eliminate these limitations, allowing us to broaden our learning and reach, she expresses her aspirations.

Valērija is eager to continue driving organizational excellence to achieve growth, by building a strong long-lasting team of IT experts around Europe. She emphasizes the importance of providing the best IT solutions to customers while creating opportunities for employee learning and development.

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Combating stereotypes about women in tech

To Valērija’s opinion, IT companies play a significant role by investing time, resources, and energy in explaining and popularizing the industry, particularly among women. Valērija advocates for encouraging girls to pursue careers in IT and for combating stereotypes about women in technology.

- Join women-in-tech groups. There you will find your network, information, support, and even potential job opportunities. Seek out for mentors who are in the industry. They can offer guidance, career advice, and insights from their own experience. And don’t be shy about sharing your achievements and capabilities. Showing your skills, achievements, and projects can open doors for you in the tech field. The motivation and desire are already a big step to start, emphasizes Valērija.

Charged with positive energy

Outside of work, Valērija is passionate about sports, finding that physical activity energizes her and enhances her productivity. She shares, that during her teenage years, she was deeply passionate about karate and earned multiple belts. Sport is still an essential part of her lifestyle.

- Science claims that energy begets energy—this feeling is familiar to me both after a workout and in everyday life. As paradoxical as it may sound, in a way, I have developed a need for the feeling of lightness that follows a tough workout. The more time I devote to sports, the higher the charge of positive energy, which gives me more energy to dedicate to myself, my family, and my work, she explains.


Valerija Varna
Head of Central Europe Delivery Operations at Tietoevry Create


Valerija Varna

Head of Central Europe Delivery Operations at Tietoevry Create

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