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Joanna Samplawska: From passion for programming to leading the global telecom chapter

Dive into Joanna's career journey, from early computer fascination to leading the Global Telecom Chapter. Witness her talent for connecting people, driving projects, and breaking stereotypes in IT.

Joanna Samplawska / May 23, 2024
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We are thrilled to announce Joanna's appointment as the new Head of the Global Telecom Chapter at Tietoevry Create, our most sustainable business area.

In an engaging interview, Joanna shares her remarkable career journey, marked by her exceptional talent for bridging connections and aligning diverse needs with capabilities. From project inception to successful delivery, Joanna has always been at the forefront, seamlessly navigating between customers and project teams. Let’s explore Joanna’s inspiring IT journey!

- My mother was running her own company and needed a computer. It was one of the first PCs on the market. During my school years, I learned Turbo Pascal and realized I liked it, Joanna recalls.

Reflecting on her unexpected career path, Joanna initially envisioned a career centered around her passion for English language learning. However, fate led her to pursue studies in Business School, where she found excitement and solace in this new field.
- While applying for my first job in an administrative role, I expressed my interest in IT business analysis during the interview. This sparked a conversation about bridging the gap between customers and engineers. Recognizing my potential, the interviewers suggested exploring opportunities in customer communication, emphasizing the need for fluency in both business and technical languages. I embraced the challenge, thus embarking on a transformative journey, Joanna recounts.

Joanna shares a memorable moment from her early career:
- When I started my job, some of my male colleagues came by to check if I was really a girl. They were shocked that the company had hired a woman for a technical role, she laughs.

Despite this, Joanna's competence and dedication quickly earned her respect. She became one of the most trusted project managers in the company, working closely with customers, implementing new project management approaches, and structuring company processes.


Sought new challenges

Six years ago, Joanna joined Tietoevry as a project manager in the Automotive Unit. She quickly adapted to the Tietoevry way of working and collaborated directly with key customers. After 1.5 years, she transitioned to Tietoevry Care, aiming to expand the Healthcare/Welfare delivery teams in Poland. Under her leadership, the team grew from 16 to around 80 individuals. Despite this success, Joanna sought new challenges, leading her to the Create division as a project manager. Her outstanding performance earned her the position of tribe leader in telecom, a role she held for over a year before her current appointment.

Outside of work, Joanna is an extremely active person. She races motorcycles and is passionate about all things mechanical, from servicing her own bike to upgrading it for racing. In winter, she enjoys knitting and snowboarding, and she finds relaxation in stand-up paddleboarding, though her kids don't share the same enthusiasm.

- My daughter just turned 18 in January, and my son is 19. I’m incredibly proud of them. My son has a passion for cooking and is truly talented in the kitchen, while my daughter enjoys repairing engines, riding motorcycles, and plans to study IT. I’m thrilled that they’re pursuing their passions without worrying about societal expectations of gender. It’s important to avoid imposing limiting gender norms on children and to lead by example, says Joanna.

Inspire women in IT to seize opportunities

Joanna acknowledges the common tendency among women to remain reserved and wait for opportunities to come rather than proactively seizing them. Her advice to aspiring women or girls interested in pursuing a career in IT is empowering and practical:
- Don’t let fear hold you back, focus on your strengths, and recognize the unique value you bring to the table.

She emphasizes the importance of stepping out of comfort zones, believing in oneself, and leveraging soft skills to make meaningful contributions.

Joanna's journey epitomizes versatility, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals navigating their own career paths.

As Joanna takes on her new role, we congratulate her and wish her every success. With her exceptional qualities and leadership, we’re confident she’ll inspire and achieve remarkable results, shaping the future of our Telecom Chapter. Here’s to Joanna’s ongoing journey of excellence and growth!


Joanna Samplawska
Head of Global Telecom Chapter


Joanna Samplawska

Head of Global Telecom Chapter

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