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Maria Vepsäläinen: Previous graduate who leads client projects for Tuska and Flow festival

Maria Vepsäläinen graduated with a degree in Production Engineering in the spring of 2023, but her career at Tietoevry started well before then, in September 2021.

Maria Vepsäläinen / November 24, 2023
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"Two and a half years ago, when I was an undergraduate student, I applied for the Tietoevry Graduate Programme. I was delighted to get accepted and in September 2021 I started as a BI specialist."

- Usually trainee programmes are temporary, but at Tietoevry it was a permanent contract. From the very beginning of the programme, the international nature of the company became clear, which was one of the highlights of my experience. I got to know different cultures and personalities, Maria starts.

The completion of the Graduate programme was rewarded with a promotion to Service Manager in the summer of 2022.
- As a Service Manager, I am responsible for the lifecycle of customer services and products. These products include online stores and applications, which are core competences of Tietoevry Create, where I work. I am involved in each process from start to finish and am responsible for the resources of the maintenance teams, among other things. At the end of the day, my job is to ensure high-quality services and customer satisfaction.


Career highlights

Working with the Tuska Festival and Flow Festival, two of Finland's trendiest events, has been the highlight of Maria's career. These projects hold a special place among her favourites.
- I was leading a project where we implemented the Tuska festival app. The app was a great success based on the customer satisfaction survey, which of course has given me and the team a sense of professional pride.

Maria and her team carried out data visualisations for the 2023 Flow Festival, describing the measures taken to reduce the festival's ecological footprint. For the remainder of 2023, Maria will lead a project to produce an ecological footprint budgeting tool for Flow Festival, tailored to the entire event industry, which Tietoevry Create will produce in collaboration with Flow Festival. The budgeting tool provides the event industry with a means to observe its own environmental impact in a holistic way, both in terms of carbon and material footprint.
- The resulting tool will make it easy to estimate the emissions of an event before it takes place, so that you can influence emissions by making choices regarding production for example.


A diverse work community

Working at Tietoevry has been a delight as well as a source of pride, especially when team success is achieved.
- What gives me the most pride is when the customer and end users are satisfied with our work. I am also proud of us as a team, because we work together very well, we support each other and encourage each other to move forward.

The team spirit is also reflected at the company level, as the company culture is supportive and open. A diverse work community is made up of different people from different cultures, all united by a strong motivation.
- At work, everyone has a good drive, but never at the expense of well-being. We have the flexibility to balance work and personal commitments in order to maintain a good work-life balance.

So, what does Maria do in her spare time?
- I love travelling, and I'm off to New York next. In my everyday life, I like to work out at the gym and go hiking. I also love books and reading. You realise the limitations of life when there are too many books to read in one lifetime. If I had possibility to read just one book, it would be Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, Maria ends. 




Maria Vepsäläinen
Customer Lead, Tietoevry Create

Location: Espoo, Finland
Started: September 2021
Background: M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management


Maria Vepsäläinen

Customer Lead, Tietoevry Create

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