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Jari Keinänen: Returning employee determined to revamp sports data collection

Jari started his first assignment at Tietoevry in 2017, and in addition to software development, he worked as a product owner and was part of the UX design team.

Jari Keinänen / November 24, 2023
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In 2020 he left Tietoevry in pursuit of new challenges, but almost immediately found himself longing for the meaningful projects and the good working community at his former workplace.

- I missed getting back to the development of health and wellness data. When an opportunity arose within the current team, returning to Tietoevry seemed almost inevitable for me. I knew the teammates I’d be working with and the work culture. Best of all, I got to work on a project I was passionate about, says Jari. 

This project involves the development of a system called 360° Training. 360° Training allows Finnish sports coaching to make extensive use of data in the daily work of athletes and coaches, supporting the broader goal of making more Finnish athletes successful on the global stage.
- We are developing the system in cooperation with the Finnish Olympic Committee. I am proud to be part of a project that serves customers and a larger purpose. It's been great to see the number of users growing steadily.

The significance and practicality becomes apparent in comparison to other projects that rarely result in anything as practical.
- Often in product development there is a risk of doing things for the shelf, so to speak, and not knowing which target group the products serve. The Olympic Committee as a joint partner brings credibility and certainty that our product will be of genuine benefit to stakeholders using sports data. Of course, athletes have been able to monitor their own development before, but the 360° Training system gives coaches the opportunity to observe the performance of the athletes they are coaching in a single view.

Opportunity to try things outside your own expertise

Although Jari's official job description is software development, team members also have the opportunity to try things outside of their own expertise.
- We are an autonomous team with clear strengths, but there is flexibility within the project to take on unfamiliar challenges. Although we work independently, we go over things together and ask for help when the situation calls for it.

Being part of an engaging, impactful project alongside a high-performing team reassured Jari that returning to Tietoevry was the best choice.
- We have a house full of magnificent people who work directly on projects that serve clients. The opportunities within the company are abundant, and there is also enough time for self-development. I myself am currently pursuing a certificate in data technology.

Jari playfully describes himself as a ‘data freak’ even in his spare time. This helps mirror the results to the 360° Training system.
- When I'm walking the dogs, playing badminton or climbing, my watch and ring are constantly collecting data. Even my toothbrush sends information to the phone.



Jari Keinänen
Senior Data Engineer, Tietoevry Care

Location: Kuopio, Finland
Joined Tietoevry: In 2017 the first time, returned 2020.


Jari Keinänen

Senior Data Engineer, Tietoevry Care

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