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Specialization-based strategy to accelerate value creation

Cloud and data technologies form the foundation of driving customers' priorities to be agile, competitive, innovative and secure. Technology services and the software industry evolve continuously to become cloud-native with a high emphasis on the transformation towards new scalable technologies and data-driven services including Artificial Intelligence-enabled solutions.

Specialization forms the cornerstone of the strategy, which became effective in January 2022, with the aim of adapting to current and future market drivers and to improve competitiveness and performance. Tietoevry operates as a group of five specialized end-to-end businesses across digital engineering, software and managed services and transformation. Tietoevry’s specialized businesses aim to be among the best in the industry and have full operational responsibility, including go-to-market, service portfolio, delivery capabilities, compensation models, investments and partnerships.

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Strategic review of Tietoevry Tech Services to accelerate value creation

Tietoevry aims to unlock value through the strategic review of Tietoevry Tech Services. With the strategic review, the company seeks to drive the competitiveness of its managed services and transformation business, operating in a market going through a major transformation. The success of businesses with an outsourcing foundation relies on the scale of capabilities and infrastructure volumes needed to drive customers’ continuous efficiency, agility and modernization needs.

Repositioning Tietoevry as a leading software and digital engineering player globally

Tietoevry seeks to reposition itself as a leading software and digital engineering player globally. An active M&A agenda together with strategic reviews of Tietoevry Banking and Tietoevry Tech Services form a solid foundation for the ongoing transformation of the company.

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