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Business transactions

Acquisitions and mergers

TietoEVRY defines all outsourcing contracts as organic growth even though they would involve initial investment in the form of payment for hardware or goodwill.


2019 Merger of Tieto and EVRY completed in December
2019 Meridium AB, annual revenue around EUR 6 million
2018  NSEC AB, annual revenue EUR 4 million
2018 Petrostreamz, annual revenue EUR 2 million
2017 Avega Group AB, annual revenue EUR 45 million
2016 Emric, annual revenue EUR 20 million
2015 Software Innovation, annual revenue EUR 41 million
2015  Imano AB, annual revenue EUR 7 million
2015 Smilehouse, annual revenue around EUR 10 million
2014 Part of Siemens Convergence Creators Network Directory Server (NDS), IP Multimedia Systems (IMS), Home Location Register (HLR) and Radio Access (RA) businesses
2014  FD Finanssidata
2013 Canvisa Consulting
2010 T&T Telecom
2010 Tieto Broadcasting IT Oy
2010  TrustInfo
2009 TKP Tieto
2008 FD Finanssidata
2008  Primasoft
2007  Abaris AB, Sweden
2007  Provisio AB, Sweden
2007  Fortuna Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
2006 Waldbrenner AG, Germany
2006 Manpower's HR services, Sweden
2006 RTS Networks Ltd., Poland
2006 Laps Care AB, Sweden
2006 Cymed AG, Germany
2005 S.E.S.A. Software und Systeme AG, Germany
2005 Pentec Ltd, Great Britain
2005 Attentiv Systems Group, Great Britain
2005 SIA IT Alise, Latvia
2005 Zait IT Tjänster AB, Sweden
2005 Comnet S.P.A., Italy
2005 Waldbrenner AG, Germany
2004 Ki Consulting & Solutions AB, Sweden
2004 Respons AS, Norway
2004 Doctorex, Finland
2004 C&S Healthcare Software AB and C&S Management AB, Sweden
2004  Informations, Logik Sweden AB and Informations, Logik Netherlands B.V
2004  ITB AG, Germany
2004  S.E.S.A. AG, Germany
2003 Inveos AG, Germany
2002  Sykora, Germany, Czech Republic
2002 Majiq, USA
2002 Ementor Financial Systems, Norway
2001 Softema, Finland
2000 European Medical Solutions Group, Norway
2000 Sypro System Professionals Oy
1999 Enator AB, Sweden
1999 Entra Data AB, Sweden
1998 Konts SIA, Latvia
1998 Oy Tietokonepalvelu Ab
1997 Huld & Lillevik AS, Norway
1996 AXO Systems AS, Norway
1996 Avancer Oy
1995 Unic Oy
1995 VTKK-yhtymä Oy
1995 Procons Data Oy
1995 Dativo Oy
1994 Suunnittelu ja laskenta Oy
1994 Financial Software Technology Oy
1993 Datacity Information Systems Oy
1993 Carelcomp Oy
1990 Finnish Data Power Oy
1990 Tietoässä Oy
1987 Datema AB, Sweden
1987 Nokia computer center
1984 Tietojyvä Oy
1983 Avonius Oy
1976 Finnsystems Oy


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