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How your organisation can drive climate action using sustainable software solutions

Public 360° enables today’s sustainability and ensures the journey towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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Public 360° supports the journey towards a sustainable tomorrow

Public 360° case management system is a solution that facilitates day-to-day operations in a sustainable way, contributing to CO₂ emissions reduction while helping to achieve your organization’s sustainability goals.

Report your progress on CO₂ footprint when using Public 360°

Imagine if Public 360° could create a dashboard that helps our customers to take full control of their CO₂ footprint (emitted CO₂) and CO₂ handprint (avoided CO₂), which are triggered by both traditional daily actions (e.g., printing or sending mails) and digital processes (e.g, dispatch or digital signing).

Our research demonstrated that our Public 360° customers may emit up to 8-10 times less CO₂ by digitalizing their case management daily routines and processes. Thus, we support customers’ digital transformation journey, starting from the case management systems and approaching towards building their sustainability. We help our customers to embody their digital ambitions and to respond effectively to increasing pressures from external environment, internal operational challenges, and the social responsibility. We are always happy to help our customers to define, organize, transform, and visualize their processes and routines. And as a result, our customers always increase their efficiency, transparency, and have a chance to improve their control over sustainable changes within their organization.

What can we measure?

Significantly reduced carbon footprint. More sustainable solutions require less hardware.This is the core benefits of having a SaaS focused strategy.

Only imagine that Public 360° visualizes CO₂ emissions ex ante and in real-time?

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