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Data Intelligence

Get higher efficiency, improved quality, and increased end-customer value through data-driven insights.

Data Intelligence for advanced application of combined datasets and analytical tools

The value of data lies in the effect it can create. Profitability is constantly evolving, and so are consumer expectations.

Tietoevry enables businesses and organizations to find short-term value each step of the way to a long-term goal of advanced data-driven automation and insight capabilities. It may start with data, but it ends with effect: Effect on customer satisfaction, efficiency, quality, and margins.

Our Data Analytics Sandbox makes getting started easier and more affordable. Here you can explore the value of data from different sources in combination with your own. You can make and use data models and visualizations to harness and make available new insights and new value. If you want help in doing so our Data Advisory services ensure that you have access to the competence and experience needed to supplement yours in pursuit of Digital Advantage.
Tommi Larsen

Product Manager

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