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Data Access

Get access to the data you need through our rich catalog of data sources and access services.

Data Access Services

Our society is increasingly built on data. Regardless if you are public- or private organization, the quality, and success of the services or products you provide rely on having sufficient access to accurate and up-to-date data.

Tietoevry can facilitate your access to data. Our services let you break into any internal data silos you may have, to multiply the value of your existing data. We can supplement your data with our vast catalog of datasets that are the gold standard for updated information on persons, property, tangible- and intangible assets, and much more.

The Data Access services we provide are key components in critical services and processes in both businesses and society. The police, banks, municipalities, insurance companies, hospitals, and many more are helped every day by our accurate and up-to-date data. It and our services are key ingredients in their ability to provide quality services and assistance to those in need.
Sjur Kristiansen

Chief Consultant

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