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Enhancing efficient healthcare

Providing comprehensive solutions and services for effective, tailored care

Optimizing care processes and resources

Smart services and solutions enable better care, improved safety, and reduce administration for more time with the patient.

Teemu Vähäkainu

Head of Healthcare

In the spotlight

User collaboration the foundation for successful patient information systems

We are building a world-class patient information system with our customers.

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Kanta-Häme Hospital District: Hämeenlinna knows its patients

Centralized data improves patient care and supports personnel in day-to-day work

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Will virtual assistants become a vital part of the future?

No IT system is ever used in a vacuum. Instead, user experiences with IT systems are created in real life situations. Read the blog on UX!

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Agile AI solution is speeding up research and making treatment more efficient and than before

One of the challenges in brain tumour research has been data collection from medical records.

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Agile development and support for healthcare organizations in Finland

How we are supporting our customers during Covid-19 pandemic?

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