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Tietoevry Attended Embedded World 2024: Highlights from the Event

Explore how Tietoevry presented its Latest Solutions to the Global Embedded Community

9 - 11.4.2024 / Nuremberg

Aiming to create a better world with purposeful technology, Tietoevry took part in the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2024 – a world-class event that brings together the entire embedded community to discuss the latest trends in embedded systems – from hardware to software and services, as well as to develop ideas and concepts for the future.

During the event, our Electronics and Automotive Software teams demonstrated a holistic portfolio of Tietoevry’s latest embedded solutions designed to reinvent the way we live, work, and travel. More details about each solution are available below. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to schedule a DEMO with our experts by filling out a form at the bottom of the page.


Enhance Your Products with Bluetooth LE Audio

Our team demonstrated the ways of enabling life-changing audio experiences in your devices with Auracast™ broadcast audio. We discussed how you can create innovative and delightful use cases for your customers and seamlessly integrate this revolutionary technology into your products.

Ensure That Your Devices are Up-to-date and Secure

Accelerate your projects by deploying Tietoevry’s modern, fully-featured over-the-air (OTA) software update cloud-based service toolkit. The solution is licensed for OEMs who can customize and develop it to suit their needs.

New Matter Standard is Here – Make Sure Your Devices are Compatible

Our experts showcased Matter Lab - a scalable, one-stop solution that leverages Tietoevry’s expertise to provide access to the latest Matter knowledge, reducing both the onboarding time of the development teams and the time-to-market of Matter products.

Run Your Products on Android OS

During the event, Tietoevry presented a portable projector with a touch screen running on Android OS. Discover how we helped this pioneering Android project become a success story and resolve its technical challenges.

Software-Defined Smart Homes – Panel Discussion with Tietoevry

As households become increasingly technology-driven, customers expect more advanced capabilities from their smart home devices. Successfully navigating the complexity of smart home ecosystems, while keeping them ultimately secure, private, and intuitive can only be achieved with purpose-built software.

Our expert Francois Galy hosted a presentation on how to design, engineer, and manage a robust software-defined smart home. Learn how to elevate the comfort of your customers with Tietoevry – your trusted partner for smart home solutions.


The automotive industry is undergoing a dynamic transformation that will define the future of mobility. At Tietoevry, we strongly believe that this future will be shaped by standardized solutions for the global automotive challenges, the utilization of open-source software, and the forging of strategic partnerships within the industry. As a global IT provider, trusted by the leading automotive alliances and recognized as a "Valuable Contributor" by COVESA, Tietoevry can help you take a bold step into the new age of mobility. Join us to explore the following topics:

Addressing a Major Challenge – Vehicle Data Fragmentation

Discover how to resolve the dispersed and unutilized vehicle data issues by combining the COVESA (Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance) Vehicle Signal Specification with Tietoevry’s custom solutions to enable hassle-free vehicle data routing across various operating systems.

Moving Towards Software-Defined Vehicles with Open-Source Software

Our experts discussed how the convergence of open-source software from the leading automotive alliances, such as COVESA, SOAFEE, and Eclipse Foundation can make next-gen SDV vehicles a reality. Learn how Tietoevry integrated the crucial open-source software components into a unified Automotive Demonstration Platform (ADP), designed to accelerate the shift to intelligent connected cars.

The Future of Android Automotive & AUTOSAR

Tietoevry offered unique insights on how to develop modern AAOS-based infotainment platforms and HPC architecture powered by the AUTOSAR adaptive stack. Join us to pave your way to cutting-edge IVI systems and see how Automotive APIs can ensure smooth vehicle data accessibility.

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Arto Makkonen

VP, Electronics software R&D business

Meet Our Experts

Lasse Mäkinen

Senior Sales Manager, Tietoevry Create

Francois Galy

Sales Director, Tietoevry Create

Martin Zvak

Software Engineering Manager, Tietoevry Create

Ladislav Podivín

Senior SW Developer, Tietoevry Create

Ilka Kobabe

Senior Customer Manager, Tietoevry Create

Piotr Romanowski

Lead Business Developer & Delivery Manager, Tietoevry Create

Andreas Zakovsky

Senior Sales Manager, Tietoevry Create

Ernest Ayala

Head of Operational Excellence CE, Tietoevry Create

Paweł Jarosz

Senior Software Engineer, Tietoevry Create

Date and place

9 - 11.4.2024
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