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“ID-dagen 2024" - On the way towards a common solution for a digital European market

As a partner of ID dagen 2024, we are excited to invite you to attend this event together with us. Join in on the discussions about Identity wallet and identity proofing in the future.

14.2.2024 / Oslo, Norway

The cornerstone of all digital commerce, including activities like online shopping and the utilization of digital value chains, lies in securely identifying the parties involved. Currently, an array of diverse digital ID solutions exist in the market, with different sectors and markets being dominated by various national and international options.

Nevertheless, Europe is entering a new era. The EU is diligently working towards establishing a unified ID solution to facilitate a seamless and effective digital market across Europe. This regulation will be mandatory for all EU and EEC member states. Its scope extends beyond engaging in digital trade within the market; it also encompasses fulfilling documentation requirements in line with transparency laws and the EU taxonomy. Numerous Norwegian businesses and institutions actively contribute to these ongoing efforts in multiple EU nations. As this development progresses rapidly, it prompts numerous questions and challenges:

What is the status of this development, and how should we prepare for the future? What will the practical implementation of these new solutions entail, and what opportunities will emerge for Norwegian companies and institutions? These questions, along with tangible usage examples, provide the context for ID Day on the 14th of February at Oslo Kongressenter.

Please come to the conference and meet Tietoevry Banking in a conversation at our booth. You may also listen in on our esteemed expert in the field of Identity, John Erik Setsaas, who will deliver a speech on the topic of Identity wallet. Please come and join us!


Here you can download the presentation held by our Identity expert, John Erik Setsaas.

Trenger vi en digital identitetslommebok?

Meet our identity expert on-site:

John Erik Setsaas
Director of Innovation

Do we need a digital identity wallet?

Do we need a digital identity wallet?

By 2026, a digital identity wallet will be required for all EU citizens, allowing for enrollment, authentication, and secure digital signing. Industries will need to accept this form of identity verification. Despite already having robust identity solutions in place in the Nordic countries, the purpose of this new wallet will be explored in this presentation, along with its promises and challenges.

John Erik Setsaas has over 25 years of experience in digital identity and is a renowned speaker at global fintech events. He currently serves as the Director of Innovation in the Financial Crime Prevention unit at Tietoevry Banking, previously holding positions at Signicat and SAP Identity Management. He has also taught courses on e-commerce, identity services, and security at the University of Southeast Norway.

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