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Webinar: Learn why 360° eSign should be part of your document managment software

No more troubles handling documents that requires an e-signature, secure and non-disputable internally or externally.

26.4.2023, Online
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360° eSign webinar

Live-streamed 26 April 10:00 - 11:00 CET

Why you should consider 360° eSign if you are a Public 360° customer

eSign is the key for ensuring highest level of trust and integrity for the documents produced by your organisation

In order to provide more value for you as customers in the Nordics, we have unified our offering when it comes to electronic signatures. This allows the same solution to be used in all countries.

The unified approach will allow us to deliver more features and value with high quality, while still being able to support local requirements, such as country-specific eID’s (e.g. BankID/Freja eID).

The service is delivered from a secure sovereign cloud (domestic cloud) without US-ties. It can be also installed on-prem if needed.

360° Sign is based on SigningHub which is a market leading signing product

360° eSign consists of two modules: 360° Sign (the signing system) and 360° Personal Digital Signing (integration between 360° and the signing system).


  • Why 360° eSign?
  • Key Benefits
  • Technical set-up
  • Demo of eSigning in Public 360°
  • Questions and Answers
  • Closing remarks

Who would benefit from joining this webinar?

  • Customers of the document management solution Public 360°
  • System administrators of  Public 360°
  • Everyday users of Public 360°
  • Very relevant for our Swedish customers

Our expert speakers will walk you through the benefits of 360° eSign, share best practices, and answer your questions. Don't miss this opportunity to transform the way you handle documents signatures and enhance your productivity.


The webinar access details will be sent to you in a separeate email.

Can't make the scheduled time? Register and we will send you the recording of the complete webinar.

The webinar will be hosted in Swedish and English, however feel free to ask questions in your local languages.

Contact us

Katarina Steen

Head of Nordic Sales in Public 360°

Date and place

08:00-09:00 UTC
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